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Huge Mods Balmora Expansion

What this plugin does, what it includes and its history: (The Long Version aka THE BOOK) Over a year ago Gilgalas introduced a WIP mod...


Huge Mods Muffinwind

Muffinwind is an epic quest based on every right-minded person's favourite foodstuff. From the perilous depths of the Master Baker's tomb, t...


Huge Mods Roman City Of Theopolis

This mod adds a new city with lots of new meshes and lots to do. Travel is located in Ebonheart.


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Huge Mods City of Atlantis

This mod adds a new city, 132 new meshes. (also a reasource credit goes to MJY)


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Huge Mods Aztec City

This mod adds a new city to morrowind with lots of new meshes.


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Huge Mods Ald-Vendras

This mod adds a large landmass just east of the Isle of Solstheim. The island has two unique climates- The west has a Solstheim feel whereas...


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Huge Mods Ald-Vendras

This is an update to Ald-Vendras, fixing bugs such as the "Bat" dialogue bug. It also makes improvements, such as an ingredient sorter for y...


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Huge Mods Lagoon Island

Lagoon Island is located S.W. of Hla Oad (it's quite a ways out there). There is a fast travel person located at the docks in Hla Oad. You...


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Huge Mods Sea of Destiny

Features - 400+ new cells of land - over 300 new unique npcs - grand capital of Regar with over 200 buildings - about 20 new armors, 4...


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Huge Mods The Glory Road

This mod containts adult content So you wanna be a hero and walk the Glory Road? Hastily pack a few necessities and head off al...


Huge Mods The Underground

This mod contains adult content Description The Underground is an epic quest mod where you meet an attractive vampire of the op...


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