The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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Races MJY Dragon Race

This mod adds a playable dragon race, both male and female with animations. Its also a reasource :D


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Races Arimer

This mod adds the Arimer Race, a kind of light purple toned Altmer. They make good, sneaky characters, and come with two specially talored c...


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Races Treeger

This mod adds the treeger, a cross breed of A Khajiit and a tree (Basically a green Khajiit). They come with their own stats, powers, and sp...


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Races Elemental Magic

This mod adds a new race of magicians, who have the base appearance of the oringal races, but have very different features. It also adds an...


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Races VIR Wood Elves

This mod adds the VIR Wood Elves, a kind of purple-bluish Elven race. The race is very skilled in magic, but is very weak when it comes to p...


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Races White Senches

A new type of Khajiit has hit Morrowind! Whiter, cooler, faster, better than ever before this race is a real must-have! Believe me on thi...


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Races Brucinater Classes

The mod includes the first brucinater classes and the new one which comes with the following new classes: Mage Destructionist Conjuratio...