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Weapon and Armor HK 47

HK-47 armor from Star Wars. It's only the armor, but you can make a race if you like. The HK-47 armor is for sale in seyda neen merchant


Weapon and Armor Adamantium Armor

This small plugin allows for the rare adamantium armor to be found in shops throughout Vvardenfel. You can find them at Meldor's Armory in...


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Weapon and Armor Area Effect Arrows

This plugin adds special arrows, which have special properties (Splash Effects, magic, etc). You can find them at Aradraen: Fletcher at Vive...


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Weapon and Armor LeFemm Armor

This plugin makes a special set of armor, specifically tailored for female characters. This is great for female players who want armor that...


Weapon and Armor Dragon Mail

This mod adds the Dragon Mail armor, a medium armor with a good armor rating. It's a metallic, evil, looking armor. It is recommended to be...


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Weapon and Armor DM_DBarmorreplacerranks

This mod is Dimitri Mazieres' Dark Brother Armour Replacer with Rank differences, it's one hell of a great mod! Trust me on this! Hell, n...


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Weapon and Armor DM_DBarmorreplacer

This is Dimitri Mazieres' Dark Brotherhood armour replacer. A basic mod, but a brilliant idea. download it, and make those Dark Brotherho...


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Weapon and Armor Harlequin Sword Resource

The latest mod (such a boring word for something like this IMHO) by that artist and talented modder: Phijama. This mod started life as a...


Weapon and Armor Jack Karvers Rare Armors

This is just a simple mod that adds a rare armor salesman in north Balmora.


Weapon and Armor Adamantium set

This mod adds Crate in Vivec Temple Quarter witch holds strong Medium weighted Adamantium armor set.It can be very useful to all classes exp...


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Weapon and Armor Helmet of Doom

In the Helmet of Doom, Galbedir seeks a volunteer to go to a dangerous island full of dangerous people. It is said that on this island woul...


Weapon and Armor Unique Rammekald

Gives the Nordic Warhammer Rammekald a unique model. Also includes an alternative esp that buffs its stats to make it viable.


Weapon and Armor There Can Be Only One

This mod makes Daedric weapons and armor pieces unique items; there will now be only one of each piece in the game (ammunition excluded).I w...


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