A Better Vanilla Chargen

A Better Vanilla Chargen.7z


Alters the Default Character Generator scripts to provide a smoother more seamless character creation with a cool bonus option for changing your height. Tooltips were also removed to stop immersion breaks.



=========This part is for Tes3mp========
Includes a full on fix to allow for the Vanilla Chargen with Tes3mp.
You will have to edit a tes3mp file to allow your characters to spawn in the default placement with Jiub(Spawn placement isn't exactly required, you will just have to create your character twice). 
As well as edit another file to allow you to enter into the census and excise office(This part is a must or else you cannot finish your character generation). 
If you've already completed chargen you cannot steal a new characters Release Identification paper.
When Jiub initialises his dialogue, everything that was disabled after the last players chargen is enabled and, everyone in the boat is reset using the ra command within his script. 
If you plan on harassing a new guy with one or more of your followers, they will be reset to their original position. Be warned.

*Put this mod at the very bottom of your load order*

This mod will start you off (sort of) the same as vanilla MW does. You wake up infront of Jiub where he will ask you for your name except, you then get to pick your,
-race and gender

Followed by Jiub asking you to,
-change your height in an rp friendly way

Then you will,
-pick/create a class

And finally,
-you will pick your birthsign

The guard will make his way towards you and release you to make your way to the top of the ship and into the census and excise office.

After Socucius Ergalla speaks to you, you will review your stats per usual. You can then take the release papers to Sellus Gravius. 

There is no need to take the Engraved Ring of Healing but, it's up to you. 

When you first speak with Sellus Gravius he will take your Release papers with a cue letting you know you're free to go. You may then choose to start the main quest or, return at a later date.

-A bonus option to increase or decrease character size is found after selecting your race which will allow you to change your height with many varying options.

-There are no messages/tooltips telling you what to do except for the door exiting the census and excise office to Morrowind.

-Altered Sellus Gravius' greeting so he will allow you to leave the office without having to get the orders for Caius Cosades.

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