This is an update to Ald-Vendras, fixing bugs such as the "Bat" dialogue bug. It also makes improvements, such as an ingredient sorter for y...

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File Description

This is an update to Ald-Vendras, fixing bugs such as the "Bat" dialogue bug. It also makes improvements, such as an ingredient sorter for you alchemists. Refer to the read-me for more information.

You'll need V 3.0 in order for this to work.

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Ald-Vendras v3.1 (updated esp-files only!)

content of "Ald-Vendras_V31.rar":
-3 updated esp-files (Ald-Vendras_V31.esp, Ald-Vendras_V31Lokken.esp, Ald-Vendras_V31-LoKKen-SC.esp)
-Proof-readed readme-file (Ald-Vendras_V3_readme.txt) by Baphomet
-Ald-Vendras_V31_update_readme.txt (the file you are reading)

You must have downloaded and installed "Ald-Vendras V3" to run Ald-Vendras V3.1!
Copy the files into your Morrowind\Data Files\ directory.
you may delete the esp-files out of Ald-Vendras V3, they will be replaced by the esp-files out of this download ("Ald-Vendras_V31.esp" replaces "Ald-Vendras_V3.esp" for example).
When you run Morrowind, click on Data Files, then check off your chosen Ald Vendras_V31.esp file (have a look into "Ald-Vendras_V3_readme.txt" which esp-file 
will be your one) and run the game (use only ONE .esp file, never use 2 or all 3).

Changes compared to V3:
-unfiltered dialogue "bat" deleted
-corrected a spelling error in one dialogue
-removed missplaced waterfalls in "Avalon Cave" and "Kanthrock Cave"

Improvments/changes (all done by ps33! May thank goes to him for this work!):
-added ingredient sorter (ingredients crystal that automatically puts all your 
ingredients in an urn/chest) in "Builder´s Estate" and "Manko´s Tower" 
by using Aragon´s scripts out of "Ashlander Tent" (of course with changed IDs to avoid conflicts)
-added path grids to "Castle Avalon", "Manko´s Tower", "Builder´s Estate", and "Thorstens House"
-splitted cell "Bran Castle Residence" into "Bran-Castle Residence" and "Bran-Castle Master Quarter" to improve framerate + added path grids to these cells

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