This mod adds the Arimer Race, a kind of light purple toned Altmer. They make good, sneaky characters, and come with two specially talored c...

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File Description

This mod adds the Arimer Race, a kind of light purple toned Altmer. They make good, sneaky characters, and come with two specially talored classes. It also comes with a chameleon ring for your use.

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Arimer: Sky Elves


Meshes in the Meshes folder (Ari subfolder)
Textures in the Texture folder (Ari subfolder)
Esp in the Data Files folder (no subfolder :P)


The Arimer.

The Arimer, or Sky Elves, are the descendants of the few Chimer Azura did not curse and turn into Dunmer. Instead they received her blessing and used their newfound magical gifts to ascend to the sky, building small towns and cities where have lived ever since, looking down on the other races of Tamriel. But alas, for as they looked down upon men and mer in the literal sense of the term, they began to look down upon them in the other connotation of the phrase as well. They began to think of themselves as being superior to all others, including the Altmer, and believed their kingdom in the sky to be testament to this.

Alteration and Illusion come naturally to them, as walking upon clouds and keeping themselves hidden from the "less worthy" races is something their people have done for generations. Light on their feet, they shy away from armor when they can, but employ the lightest means of protection when they must. Staff and stave are their friends, though the more fierce among them have been known to employ a short blade when need be.

Sort of like guardian angels with a superiority complex.


Race: Arimer (Sky Elf): Strength 55/45; Intelligence 55/55; Willpower 40/40; Agility 55/55; Speed 50/50; Endurance 40/40; Personality 35/45; Luck 60/60
Bonus Skills: Illusion +5; Alteration +5; Restoration +5; Sneak +10
Size: Height 1.08/1.05; Weight .95/.92
Abilities: Arimer Float: Jump 5; Slowfall 5
Spells: Levitate, Hearth Heal, Heal Companion

Class: Sky Knight
Specialization: Stealth
Favor: Intelligence, Agility
Major: Unarmored, Short Blade, Restoration, Alteration, Sneak
Minor: Blunt, Light Armor, Security, Illusion, Acrobatics

Birthsign: The Flyer
Abilities: Sky Flyer: Fortify Speed, Athletics and Acrobatics +5
Power: Cloud Cover: Chameleon and Sanctuary: 25, 100, 100

Starting Equipment: Located on the table in the Census Office beside Soccious Ergalla behind the inkpot and quill.
Cloudy (Chameleon) Ring, 75



Dimitri Mazieres for the retextures of all the wonderful faces, hair and bodies.
Thanks to Leeloo who allowed us to use her entire bank of High Elf heads in the making of this race. Bodies are courtesy of Psydog Studios
Heads and Hair: Astarsis, Silaria, Lochnarus, TheSiriusSnape, Don Salus, Zuldazug and the Khalazza Productions, Banic, Qarl, Andy!, Gorg, Golgotha, KarminatheVamp, Nomad, Carnajo, RavynAngel, Rhedd, ZerotheHero, AlienSlof, DarkSharp, Novena, WormGod
Special thanks to the Sirius Snape and UQForgotten who provided special heads for this race.
The basic story is from The Truth.
The stats are from my oldest son with a little tweaking from me.
Special thanks also to the people who tested this race out: Gingercakes, Aymaan, Faylynn, Neils, FunkyMonkey, Gayla, NeilV. Thank you for finding all my oopsies. 
I believe that I have everybody, but if I’ve missed someone, first accept my sincerest apology. And please let me know so I can update the readme. If I’m mistaken that I have permission to use a head or a hair, I also first offer a sincere apology for my presumption and request that you inform of this and I will remove it from the race files or do whatever you feel is best short of removing the entire race. Thank you.

My contribution consists of renaming all the body parts and writing the readme. ^_^
Nontheless I can be reached at or on the Elder Scrolls forum.
You can also contact me if you have any problems, suggestions or comments you'd like to pass on.

As always, my work can be distributed freely and used freely. Just please be sure to give credit to all the wonderful artists who contributed to this race.

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