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What this plugin does, what it includes and its history: (The Long Version aka THE BOOK)

Over a year ago Gilgalas introduced a WIP mod...

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File Description

What this plugin does, what it includes and its history: (The Long Version aka THE BOOK)

Over a year ago Gilgalas introduced a WIP mod on the forums called Balmora Trade City, an exciting concept that combined a number of popular mods effecting Balmora into a single compatible plugin with some new material. Like Silgrad Tower it had some open slots for interested modders should they want to join the project. It made it to early alpha stage but never got finished. Gilgalas is the inspiration for this work. I loved the idea but hated the implementation as it appeared as a random collection of mods that lacked cohesion, remember it was only an alpha and I'm sure it would have been awesome if it ever reached completion.

I took the alpha with Gilgalas's knowledge stripped it apart and began to regrow it, that was over 8 months ago. Balmora Expansion represents the end result. In addition to the new shops by CandianIce and Jeremy, and the new content I created, Balmora Expansion contains either the complete mods or parts of mods listed below.

This mod is really little more than a showcase for the awesome work done by the community as represented by the mods below. There were so many great mods to choose from I could not possibly include them all, I simply had to draw the line someplace. In some instances the mods had to be tweaked to make them fit into the storyline and feel of the city. An example of this was Faarp's Quiver's and Fletching Kit V2.5, his original NPC was standing on a street corner; in Balmora Expansion that NPC now shares a shop with her sister who specializes in selling bows. Together they operate an archer shop. In some instances only parts of mods were used such as GhanBuriGhan's The Regulars - Sitting NPCs where I only used some of his sitting people not all of them. Also I have included the original readmes for all mods used in this so you can see the full list of credits. Anyways on with the lists:

***Balmora Expansion includes the following new mods created specifically for it:

*Vonhelira's Metal Queen Boutique by CanadianIce, featuring all new fashions for both male and female players. Special thanks also to MP*Canus and Brady226 for the textures of some of the male versions of the robes in the boutique. For all those who pleading for a second store, your pleas have been answered.

*The Breton Knight by Jeremy featuring not only all new armor styles but also Jeremy's first store designed specifically for selling his awesome works.

Plus the new stuff I created. (You have to figure out those yourself, can't give away all the surprises).

***Balmora Expansion incorporates the following mods that should be unchecked in the MW data files list if you are currently using them:

Balmora Manor Balmora Zoo Balmora Bathhouse Balmora Museum Morrowind Abodes (Your Balmora Residence.esp only) Dave's Furniture Store Plug-In v1.6 Lysandrus Quivers and Fletching Kit Wyr Jewelers Carry your Bedrolls DEJ Pocket Watch Magic Backpacks Nyagetan Healers WeaponPack2 ThievesGarb (Black Clothing) Dark Club Mod 1.1 Ranger Robe Sheikizza Aedric Armour Collection V01 Sheikizza Daedric Armour Collection V1.0

***Balmora Expansion includes elements of the following mods customized for use with this mod. The original mods can still be used in conjunction with Balmora Expansion and will function normally:

LadyE's display cases, spider webs ad jewelers sign Dongles Musical Instruments Gorg's Flowing Capes Forgottens Longbow Pack Elements from Silgrad Tower (concepts for several of the new shops I created (such as the hospital and restaurant) came from this inspired work) House of Mannequins v1.0 Tenience's Rare Items Particle Weapon Merchant Mod Pack Animal Merchant Lovemod Heavenly Pleasures Legolas Gear The Regulars 2.02 Carnithus Armamentarium & Add-On I LichLair V1.1 Darkstone Manor Britneys Secret v1.1 (Oops, I did it, it was too funny) :) (used the faces only)

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