Broadsheets and Notice Boards Redone

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This is a long overdue update to the Broadsheets and Notice Boards mod from 2015. It overhauls quests and rewrites documents from the original mod, adds new documents, fixes bugs, and introduces a few other features. The mod now requires OAAB_Data and Tamriel_Data.

Created by Kalinter aka KJS94



Broadsheets and Notice Boards is a mod that I released back in 2015. My ambitions were pretty large for it at the time and then it just never came to fruition. After seven years, I figured it was finally time to go back to it, and hammer out an update. This time around, I've scaled back my intentions quite a bit, and focused on completing the content that was already in the mod, and bringing the content that was there up to a much higher standard of quality.

You can take a look at the original mod to get a brief overview of what the mod does:


Differences with the Original Mod:


The quests from the original mod were, for the most part, extremely basic with very little to actually make the player invested in completing them. Most of them were just simple fetch or material gathering quests which can be tedious if you have a lot of them. While I've maintained the basic premise for each of the quests, I decided this time around to make the quests more interesting, and hopefully more fun for the player. I've done this through the use of updated dialogue, improved quest rewards, new quest objectives, and alternate paths of completion for many of the quests. There has been one new quest added as well.

2. Documents

I've gone through and updated most of the documents from this mod and even rewritten some. I have done this to make them more lore-friendly, fix mistakes, and to improve the quality of the writing.

3. Dynamic documents

This is perhaps the most major new feature. You will now find dynamic documents that appear only after completing some significant vanilla quests. These include a public notice, new broadsheets from the Saint Delyn Inquirer from this mod, and some broadsheets from the Ebonheart Bellman, a newspaper from Tamriel_Data. 

4. Notice Boards and Locations 

I have removed most of the empty notice boards that were included in the original mod. Those that I kept have had documents and broadsheets added to them so they shouldn't look so out of place anymore. All notice boards have been moved into interior cells. This mod also now finally adds the offices of the Saint Delyn Inquirer to the waistworks of the St. Delyn Canton. Before there was only a door. I've moved the door to hopefully improve compatibility with some other mods. I've also slightly modified a few vanilla locations that are used as quest locations in this mod.

5. Tamriel_Data and OAAB_Data Integration

This mod now requires these two mods. It does NOT require the TR_Mainland.esm. 


Fully compatible with the following mods that also edit the taverns and inns where the notice boards are placed.

Beautiful Cities of Morrowind by RandomPal
Atmospheric South Wall Cornerclub by RandomPal
Even Seedier Eight Plates by Lucevar
OAAB Pelagiad Interior Overhaul by Lucevar
The Mysterious Affair of Sara Shenk by Danae


MelchiorDahrk and the OAAB_Data Team - for OAAB_Data
TamrielRebuiltTeam and CrossProjectCoordination - for Tamriel_Data
- A special shoutout to Rats who created the Ebonheart Bellman which this mod makes heavy use of. 
dongle - for his printing press mesh
Danae - for inspiring me to update and fix this mod

The door in Arrille's Tradehouse has finally been fixed so no one will need to fix it themselves anymore.

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