Castle Aedius

This mod adds a new interior cell, featuring a massive castle. This is by far one of the largest I've seen built for Morrowind, but be warn...

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File Description

This mod adds a new interior cell, featuring a massive castle. This is by far one of the largest I've seen built for Morrowind, but be warned! This won't work too well with low-end computers.

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     The Elder Scrolls III
     Imperial Dragon Mail Plugin

	1.	Installing the Plugin
	2.	Playing the Plugin
	3.	Version Information
	4.	Known Issues
	5.	Credits
	6.	Feedback




This is not, by any means, an official plug-in. I claim no liability
for any damage this may cause. I've tested this on two different
systems with wildly different configurations and it ran fine. If you
have trouble, see the feedback section for more info and I'll help
you if possible. And now that my legal rant is over, on to what you
may or may not really want to read.

This plug-in requires Morrowind (obviously) and Tribunal.

To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files




Note: Some areas are fairly complex, slower systems may experience 

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box 
next to the "Beleg - Aedius v1.0.esp" file.

This provids a new castle for the player to use after a short quest.
The quest starts when the player activates a sealed portal on the shores
of Ald Daedroth. The player will find three riddles and examples of
three items to find. The riddles provide basic directions. 

When the three necessary items are found, activate the keymaker. This
provides the player with a ring that will allow them to break the seal 
on the portal. It also provides instantaneous transport to the castle at 
any time.

Note: The absolutely horrid riddles are mine, and I claim no
responsibility for brain hemmorrhage or sudden drop in IQ due to the
stupidity of the prose. If you have trouble deciphering the riddles
or finding where the items are when you know the relative location, I
will provide the answers in a spoiler section at the end of the readme.
(For roleplaying purposes, assume the riddles were written by a 5-year old)
(and either chuckle or say "Awww ... isn't that cute")

The Castle has several sections:

Outer Courtyard
Inner Courtyard
Outer Wall & Gardens
Summoning Circle

5 suites
20-ish guest quarters
Main Chambers
Dining Hall
Kitchen & Cellars
2 Galleries
Dungeon with 30 prison cells (inspired by Cragscleft)
Barracks w/training room, officer's quarter, and Captain's quarters
Mausoleum (I didn't put the catacombs in though)
Chapel (Its always day in there, and I like it that way)

Getting Around
Given that the castle is rather large, I've put in several methods of
moving around. The first is the Grand stair which connects the 7 levels
of the keep. The second is the galleries and a couple other strategically
placed pictures. Any picture labeled "A Tribute" will provide instantaneous
travel to the pictured location.

For the Purist
I haven't put in too much that is really expensive, and some expensive items
cannot be picked up. Items in the chapel, however, may be taken at will (for
all you defilers of holy places). I think its a good reward for the pain of
fufilling the quest.

For just about everyone
I've only minimally furnished the castle, as I know may players like to
personalize their homes. Also, there are no NPCs. However, with the many
companion mods, you could conceivably garrison a legion at your castle.
Maybe someone would make a mod to hire personnel for your home.
(butler, cook, stablemaster, etc). The vault is also empty, for anyone
looking for handouts;-) This also does not have any armor mannequins. I
leave it a player's choice as to where to place and how to acquire them. 
All of the shelves have nothing on them. Feel free to pad them at your

Another note: I may amend the plugin to include one or more quests
and/or expansions. Have fun:-)


     3. Version Information


V 1.0	This is the first public release of this plug-in. Any previous
	versions are obsolete and were intended for testing purposes 


     4. Known issues


Don't store items in the summoning circle unless you want to loose


     5. Credits


Textures and Meshes
Cyril Moreul			Gargoyle Mesh
CrazyBoy			Gargoyle, Pegasus
dongle				Stained glass meshes
MAX aka nobody			Picture frame
Subatomic Labs			Dwemer Orrery
Alcar de Melnibonee		Imperial meshes pack
nDib				Cliff meshes

Emulated Original Artwork (these artworks are public domain)
The Accolade			Edmund Blair Leighton
Death on a Pale Horse		Benjamin West
Pavonia				Lord Frederic Leighton
Lady Alston			Thomas Gainsborough
The Honorable Mrs. Graham	Thomas Gainsborough
Lady Brownlove			Sir Godfrey Kneller
James Stewart, Duke of		Anthony van Dyck
Richmond and Lennox
Amalia				Frederico de Medrazo Y Kuntz
Francesco Maria della Rovere	Titian

(Emulated Original, isn't that kind of an oxymoron?)

Stuff I actually did
The texture for the stained glass inside the chapel. I originally
wanted to do individual panes for each window, but I decided to
release instead of take another 2 years or so. 

The texture for the azura statues is not really my work. It's
actually the original texture inverted and run through a couple

Also, I obviously placed all of the meshes and made the quest
associated with it. The floorplan unwent 4 revisions, until I 
finally settled on this one.

Special thanks
Big thanks to MAX for the morrowind photographer mod, which made
the gallery areas much easier.

The biggest thanks to Bethesda for making an awesome RPG with 
potentially limitless possibilities. Any meshes and texture not
previously mentioned are probably provided by Bethesda.

And anyone else I missed.


     6. Feedback


If you want to use anything from this mod, try the credits section
for specific items. Some of these items have special considerations.

If you want to use the stained glass texture, just credit it to me
and feel free. 

The marble-ish texture on the azura statue is not necessary to credit,
since I whipped it up in 20 seconds. 

All feedback may be directed to my Yahoo! account:	 

[email protected]




To prevent anyone from accidentally reading the hints,
I'll provide answers backwards


Band of Dia	knurt edisni niklaZ ottorG
Stone of Aer	thomkwaH noigeL troF ni traehnobE
Orb of Uus	hsa tip edisni uvrelL lartsecnA bmoT

And for those who just want to see the castle the easy way

player->additem beleg_aedius_key 1

Just equip the ring and say yes.

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