Castle Dragonfall



This addon for Ald-Vendras adds another house to call your own. It is located on an isle NW of Vogar with a very big castle on it. You can get there from Dagon Fel or the Vogar docks. The house already comes furnished with things like display cases and weapon racks to show off your loot.



Castle Dragonfall
By Centurion

A plug-in for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
(Created with US Version 1.6.1820  Tribunal & Bloodmoon & any version of "Ald-Vendras V3" Required)

The needed base version (Ald-Vendras V3) and it´s updates can be downloaded at "Planet Elder Scrolls" (http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/)
or at "ElricM.com" (http://www.elricm.com/nuke/html/index.php).

What is it?
"Castle Dragonfall" adds a new Castle to Ald-Vendras which can be used as a home for the player. No quests, just move in and feel home!
The Castle can be found north-west of Vogar on Ald-Vendras. Take the boat from Dagon-Fel (talk to Ogra-Bulak) to Vogar and the fisher (named Khonrar) next 
to Vogar´s docks can bring you to Castle Dragonfall.

Copy the files into your Morrowind\Data Files\ directory.
When you run Morrowind, click on Data Files, then check off "Castle_Dragonfall.esp" and run the game.

The Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion packs & any version of Ald-Vendras V3 or V3.1 are REQUIRED for this mod!

(castle Dragonfall will only work in common with one of the following versions of Ald-Vendras:

or of course in common with one of the updated esp-files of Ald-Vendras (V3.1)(it´s recommended to use one of the updated 3.1-files instead of any version 3.0) 


Load Order:
"Castle_Dragonfall.esp" must be loaded after your chosen "Ald-Vendras V3" - file to get it working without any errors!

If there is any need to update "castle_Dragonfall.esp", please remember that it must always be loaded as the active file in the Construction Set along with 
Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm, Weapon Rotate.esm and your chosen Ald-Vendras V3-file ("Ald-Vendras_V31-LoKKen-SC.esp" i.e.)! 

Using the Alchemy Sorter That Can be Found in Castle Dragonfall:
Just push the Magic Sorter button and all the ingredients in your inventory will be stored in the appropriately labeled jars. The shelves to the south 
contain jars for ingredients from Morrowind, the one to the northwest has jars for ingredients from Tribunal and Bloodmoon and the "unlabeled" jars are 
meant for unknown ingredients that can’t be handled by the sorter (i.e. from another plug-in).


Known Bugs and Issues:
There are no known bugs (besides the fact that the northern parts of Ald Vendras, where Castle Dragonfall can be found, won’t be visible at your
in-game World map. No way to overcome this since related to the game engine. 

If you find any errors or have problems with this plug-in you can PM me on the elder scrolls or send me an email at: [email protected], so that I can try to fix them.


I added a directory to the files called "Readmes_of_used_work_in_castle_Dragonfall" which contains all readmes (if available) of the additional 
(compared to Ald-Vendras) used models/mods in Castle Dragonfall. 
If you wish to use some of the models in your own plug-in you should have a look into it.

In no special order I used the work of the following authors in Castle Dragonfall (besides all work which comes already with Ald-Vendras V3): 


Some furniture out of "Mobiles" and parts out of "Pack Impérieux"


Some parts out of "Eccentric's House and Furniture Resource"


Some parts out of "Kaylas Knick-Knacks"

Eric Henry:
Parts out of "N´dib Terrain-Cliffs 1.0"

psychopie, (aka my_name_was_already_taken):
Some parts out of "psy kitchenware"

Some parts out of "Morrowind Prison Mod"

Some curtains out of "Curtains for cottage"

If you find any errors or having problems with this plugin "pm" me at the elderscrolls- or send me an e-mail 
([email protected]) so that I can try to fix them.

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