Centurion's Redoran Stronghold Extension

This mod extends the Redoran Stronghold at Bal Isra. This focuses on the exterior buildings, and only adds a treasury to your manor. You als...

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File Description

This mod extends the Redoran Stronghold at Bal Isra. This focuses on the exterior buildings, and only adds a treasury to your manor. You also get alot of storage space, as well as a teleport mage to teleport you to Ald-Ruhn.

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Centurion´s Redoran Stronghold Extension (genuine version August 2002)

By the order of the Redoran archmaster (yourself i hope so) your stronghold at Bal Isra had to be improved!

This mod adds 3 new houses (guard-quarters, Andoras´hut, Centurion´s house), an underground storage combined with a well and
some accessoires (planters, torches, stairs)  at Bal Isra inside the walls of your stronghold.
There are also a few new NPC´s (guards, trainers, enchanter, travel-mage).
A nice "starting" set for a worrior can be found inside Centurion´s house - nothing unbalancing else (I think so).

This mod was created with Version 1.2.0722 (US) of Morrowind.
Best (optical) result will be achieved in common with the last stage of the stronghold (it works fine without having any stage
of the stronghold, but some accessoires may appear somewhat "displaced").

Changes in V2 (November 2002):


-Indary´s Manor Mining
-secret Gateway (to West Gash region)
-treasury to "Indary´s Manor"
-cellar to "Centurion´s House"
-new NPC´s (trainer, miners)

-sleeping room in "Centurion´s House"

Now I am sure, Ball Isra is at least a journey worth!

Changes in V2.1 (January 2005 - created with US-version 1.6.1820, only Morrowind required):
-Removed unclean entries

UnZip this file into your Morrowind\Data Files\ directory.
When you run Morrowind, click on Data Files, then check off
"Centurion´s_Stronghold_Extension_V21" and run the game.

If you use a save that was running with any previous version of "Centurion´s Redoran Stronghold Extension"
do the following (if you don´t the result would be duplicated objects):

1. Load your save and remove all your storage out of any room of this mod (otherwise it will vanish!).
2. Save your game and quit.
3. Uncheck "Centurion´s_Stronghold_Extension" from the Plug-in/Data Files Menu (you may delete this file, you don´t need it anymore).
4. Load your save (maybe you will get errors but load anyway).
5. Save your game and quit.
6. UnZip the file  "Centurion´s_Stronghold_Extension_V21.esp" into your Morrowind\Data Files\ directory  and select it in the Plug-In/Data Files Menu
7. Load your save and play!

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