She's unpredictable. She's unreliable. She's greedy. She's trouble. As a companion, she is probably worth her weight in... scrap metal...

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File Description

She's unpredictable. She's unreliable. She's greedy. She's trouble. As a companion, she is probably worth her weight in... scrap metal. On the other hand, she might be an amusing company. At least if you can stand a companion that love to chat your ears off, to drink your booze and to pick the pockets of your friends. Constance, the woodelf thief, will be happy to follow you on your Morrowind adventures. And once she knows you better, she will let you play an important role in HER Morrowind adventures, too.

Please note! You don't have to play as a thief in order to enjoy Constance's company. It's entirely up to you how she will behave (OK... that was only partially true... As said above, she is definitely unpredictable and troublesome...)

Some of the features:

- Timed chats: every now and then, Constance will have new topics she wants to discuss with you. As time passes by, you will learn more about her background, her life in Morrowind, and some interesting skills she has that might be useful for both of you. - Thief skills: right from start, Constance can help you to charm other npcs, and to pick their pockets. She can also help you to track down hostile animals, enchanted items and keys. And after a while, you can send her on her own theft raids in the cities (don't expect them to be very lucratie, though). Later on, her chats will reveil other skills as well, which can be useful both for thief- and non-thief-characters. - Extensive dialog. 248 pages of dialog, including chats, special greetings, storyline. - Interaction with other npcs. Other npcs will be aware on Constance's presence and comment on her. She will also interact with other companions by Emma (Laura Craft, Lokken companions, Witchgirl companions, some Lost Heir companions, child companions). - class and race-based level system. Constance will always be at the same level as the player, but her skills and attributes are based on those for a female woodelf thief character. - Enhanced movement script. Constance's movement script is an enhanced version of Grumpy's companion project ver 3.1. - several fighting options, including melee, marksman, mimic, stay out of fight. If she is ordered to use marksman, she will automatically switch to melee if engaged in close combat. - numerous traveling options,including recall to any exterior area, divine and almsivi intervention and several meeting-points. - Telepathy amulet (based on the telepathy ring made by The Other Felix for Laura Craft Romance) which makes it possible for you to get in touch with her during battle and when you are separated. - potion sorter by DINKUMTHINKUM; whereas companion normally drinks all healing potions available during a battle (thanks to a Bethesda-bug), Constance will only drink one potion at the time, thanks to Dinkum Thinkum's potion handler. Limitation: this is only valid for MW-original potions; if you give her home-made potions, she will consume them at the same rate as other companions. - VE-compatibility and compatibility with MadMax' Galleon, thanks to script fixes by PETER. - two beautiful bows by ZYNDAAR - one for Constance and one for you - are included in this mod. You'll have to play a while to get them, though, as they are part of Constance's own story.

NEW IN VER 1.1: - compatibility with CdCooley's MWSE-IT-mod - levelscript is now compatible with VE, so that Constance will benefit from the VE-attributes when embraced.

NEW IN VER 1.2: - fixed a glitch in the potion check system and a glitch in one of the later chats - removed some unused scripts, removed a floating fork from an interior - corrected typos and grammar error (thank you Vorwoda_The_Black for proofreading - added lots of new dialog - mostly greetings - and thereby probably caused new typos and grammar errors :embarrased: - Thieves Guild Members and Morrowind Children will now have their own responses in topic "a companion - Constance" - Some extra interaction also with companions from Qarl's "The Underground", and further interaction with Emma's other companion npcs. NEW IN VER 1.2.1: - Constance will now let you use her ivy bow as much as you like :-).

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