This mod modifies some of the original creatures in the game to have new abilities as well as add some new ones with abilities. All of these monsters have random levels, usually matching your abilities, so they are good to train with. Highly recommended for users who like to travel across the lands.

This mod may conflict with Complete Morrowind (The cooking aspect) as well as any other mod that modifies the creatures in the game or spawning locations.

The mod also contains compatability pathces with the Sixth House Mod, the Great House Dagoth Mod, and the Vampire Embrance Mod.



Creatures V6
by Pirate Lord

Requires Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Fixes from V5
* Weakened Night Stalker Archer. They have a weaker Daedric Bow and Arrows. These weaker versions I've added (via levelled lists) to the containers in Daedric Ruins. 
* Weakened Horror's attacks.
* Some swarms size now take into account players level. You will have a chance of encountering smaller swarms at lower levels.
* Herders Tamed Nix Hounds will actually appear now.
* Adjustment of some of the creatures levels in the Levelled Lists.

Improvements from V5
* New texture for Blood Wing.
* Forager and Cliff Racer AI. They start aggressive, but as you kill more and more of them, the less likely that future ones will attack you. Note it's not possible for them to be 100% passive.
* Retexes for Blighted and Diseased creatures.
* Added extra Diseased creatures (i.e. ones that had Blighted variation but no Diseased variation).
* Compatability with Vampire Embrace. NPC creatures will now struggle like guards.
* Compatability with Sixth House Mod. Load Creatures, then Sixth House Mod, and then the Patch esp.
* Compatability with Great House Dagoth Mod. Load Creatures, then Great House Dagoth Mod, and then the Patch esp.

New Creatures
* Mummy. It just won't stay dead!
* Vampire and Werewolf Hunters. Low chance of appearing but very strong fighters. Will automatically attack you if you are a Vampire or Werewolf.
* Bandit gangs. Low chance of appearing, usually near bandit cave locations. They might have pets or dead bodies with them.
* Venom Netch Betty and Bull. Small, nocturnal, poisionous versions of the Netch. Deadly and Aggressive.

Fixes from V4
* Fixed wasp spawning problem
* Fixed wasp sound problems
* Fixed Gorgra Titan movement
* Fixed AI settings for all the NPC creatures where I forgot to set them high enough for them to attack you.
* Sewer Rats stats improved to compensate for their diseases. Found that many have a speed of 0 due to their infections.

Improvements from V4
* New texture for Wasps
* Randomised levelled stats improved and added to more creatures (see below for details)
* Created a retexure for Old Blue Fin
* Changed the Worm Lord from using the Skeleton mesh to the Liche Mesh
* Creatures have more abilities, to make things slighty more interesting for magicka users.

New Creatures
* Horror
* Ash Snake and Grass Snake
* Rotworm
* Slaughtershark

I'm sure there are some other things I've forgotton :)

Advanced Stuff:

Test Zone:
If you would like to see many of the new and/or rarer creatures, I have made a test zone. You can visit it by coc _plx_testzone in the console.
Be warned that you will need to coc/recall out again, and you will most likely be killed if low level (unless you console cheat).

Randomised Levelled Stats:
Most creatures that didn't have a script now have a script that randomises their stats.
This is normally a variation of -10% to +10% of the original stat.
So for example if something had a strength of 50, it now has a strength range of 45-55.
Creatures will also level as the player levels up. The difference in level between the creatures level and the players level is added to the % range.
So, if a creature is level 1, and the player is level 11, instead of having a range of -10% to +10%, the range changes to 0% to +20%
This will have a minor impact on the game but at least the challenge increases slightly on older creatures.

Note if you encounter a level 30 creature, and the player is level 30, the stats will be within the -10% to +10% They only improve in relation to the player when the players level is higher then the creatures level.

Randomised stats can be seen in action easily when you encounter swarm creatures such as the Rotworms.

Creature Abilities:
Many creatures have increased natural abilities, this is normally by having a resistance to something, and also a weakness to something. These are using (mostly) the standard spells in the game.
What has been added is determined by the creature type, where it usually appears, and it's ingredients (if it gives some).

(Spoiler) Some examples:
The Nix-Hound's ingredient gives reflect, so it now has a reflect 10 ability, but also a weakness to magicka.
Virtually all creatures in Solstheim have a resistance to frost. If they already had this, then it's been improved. To counter this, most have a weakness to fire.
There were also some unique versions of creatures which didn't have the same abilities, most of the time these were missing. I've added them to the unique creatures.

I also noticed a couple of ingredients seems a little odd. The Ash Salts had to same effect twice, so I changed one, and I could not see why Frost Salts gave resistance to Fire and Fire Salts(?) game restistance to Frost. I swapped these two around. Not a major thing (I hope).

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