This mod is Dimitri Mazieres' Dark Brother Armour Replacer with Rank differences, it's one hell of a great mod! Trust me on this!

Hell, no, don't believe me! download it and play it yourself!




                          The Elder Scrolls III
                            MORROWIND plugin

                Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer with Ranks 
			   by Dimitri Mazieres

1. About this mod
2. Installation
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Saved Games & Conflicts
5. History of Changes
6. Credits & Usage



This is a mod that changes the Dark Brotherhood assassin's armor to one that looks more like the one in Oblivion's concept art (in my opinion, of course ;-).
It uses parts of Joel Braddock's (a.k.a. Mantodea) J-Ninja meshes, along with a couple of Bethesda's original DB armor pieces, and Niero's Ashlander hood.
None of the original DB armor statistics have been altered. All that was done was replace the relevant meshes and textures, as well as adding the mask to the NPCs inventory.
Male and female versions of the armor are included.

Also, different sets of alternative textures have been used to create different cuirass  and masks (with appropiate higher stats) to distinguish between the different ranks of Dark Brotherhood assassins.

There's a screenshot included for you to see what the new armor looks like, showing the variations for each rank. Now you know what to expect when you go to sleep. ;-)

Finally, a scarf model by Niero, that was replaced by the mask because of clipping issues, was included by request. It's not added ingame, so if you want it, you'll have to use the console command detailed further down to get it.

This mod requires the Tribunal official expansion to be played.




To install the plugin, unpack the files in your Data Files folder.

Just so you are sure, this is how everything should go:

- DM_DB Armor Replacer-Ranks.esp should go in the Data Files folder.
- Meshes in the DMDB folder should go in the Data Files\Meshes\DMDB folder.
- Textures in the DMDB folder should go in the Data Files\Textures\DMDB folder.
- Icons in the DMDB folder sould go in the Data Files\Icons\DMDB folder.

You get the idea, don't you? ;-)




Just follow the instructions under Installing The Plugin. Whenever you start encountering Dark Brotherhood's assassins, you should see the effect of this plugin.

Note that the cuirasses for the DB ranks beyond Apprentice/Journeyman have been renamed to "shirts" to accommodate the character number limit for any particular item. They are still armor, though.

Also, armor variations were made for only the faction's ranks present in Tribunal's NPCs: Apprentice, Journeyman, Operator, Wetboy, Punisher and Assassin.
There aren't specific variations for Executioner, Terminator, Dark Brother or Master Assassin.

In case you don't want to wait (or somehow can't) get the new cuirasses and masks, you can add them to your inventory using the following command console, substituting the object's id where appropiate:

player -> additem "object's id" 1


Journeyman's Cuirass:		DarkBrotherhood Cuirass_Jn
Operator's Cuirass:		DarkBrotherhood Cuirass_Op
Wetboy's Cuirass:		DarkBrotherhood Cuirass_Wb
Punisher's Cuirass:		DarkBrotherhood Cuirass_Pu
Assassin's Cuirass:		DarkBrotherhood Cuirass_As

Journeyman's Mask:		Dark Brotherhood Mask Jn
Operator's Mask:		Dark Brotherhood Mask Op
Wetboy's Mask:			Dark Brotherhood Mask Wb
Punisher's Mask:		Dark Brotherhood Mask Pu
Assassin's Mask:		Dark Brotherhood Mask As

Scarf:				Dark Brotherhood Scarf

The remaining DB armor pieces have retained their original names.


     4. Save Games & Conflicts


This plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. But it never hurts to backup your saved games files.
It shouldn't conflict with any other plugins, since all the objects have unique ids. Unless, of course, it's used along another DB armor replacer. ;-)
If you want to get rid of it, just delete the relevant esp and folders.


     5. History of Changes

- 1.0 - Initial Release


     6. Credits & Usage


- Original ninja meshes and textures by Joel Braddock (a.k.a. Mantodea).
- Ninja outfit retextures by Ronin.
- Hood and scarf mesh and icon by Niero.
- Original DB boots and gauntlets meshes and textures by Bethesda.
- I just did a little color matching and piecing together. :-D

- Special thanks to Dyn Sol, Kaenil, Lord Domino, Razin and Static_Nation of the ES Forums for beta testing and suggestions. Thanks so much, guys! :-)

You can include these files in another plugin, modify them, or do whatever you want as long as proper credit is given to the people mentioned above. Also, this plugin may be uploaded to any distribution site without asking me for permission, as long as this readme file is included and unchanged.

Now, go play ;-)

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