Drow City Denizens headpack

Adds some extra head options to the mod 'Drow City Denizens', and as such, requires that mod. created by Mr. Dave and Dimitri Mazieres, and...

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File Description

Adds some extra head options to the mod 'Drow City Denizens', and as such, requires that mod. created by Mr. Dave and Dimitri Mazieres, and they mad the original mod (by Mr. Dave and Falynn) that much better!

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The Elder Scrolls III

‘Drow City Denizens Head Pack One’ 

By Mr. Dave and Dimitri Mazieres

1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Notes on the Plugin
4. Credits
5. EUGA Usage



Requires Drowcity Denizens.

No expansions are required to use this plugin.

To install the plugin, unzip the:

- esp file into the Morrowind\Data Files folder
- Meshes\ddrow folder into the Data Files\Meshes\ddrow folder
- Textures\ddrow into the Data Files\Textures\ddrow Folder
- Note that there are two textures which go directly into the Textures folder



From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box 
next to the Drow City Denizens Addon.esp file.
Select the head of your choice at character creation, or use the "enableracemenu" console command to change your current head and hairstyle.



This plugin adds five drow heads (four male and one female) with matching skintone for Drow City Denizens' Darker Drow race by Mr. Dave and Faylyn, as well as four hairstyles (four for females and three for males).



The mod should not conflict with any mods because it is a head plugin.
The ear files are the same as the original Drowcity Denizens, and can be overwritten safely.

This plugin has been cleaned with TESAME.


4. CREDITS  (Alphabetically)

Dimitri Mazieres - Texture rework (very little)

Don Salus - Original face textures.

Mr. Dave - Face textures, hairstyles, and general advice.

Rhedd - Most head models.



You may use this mod freely, as long as you respect Bethesda's rules and don't charge money for it.

If you want to alter or add to it, you may do so, as long as you attain permission from the respective creators.

You can upload this in its original, unedited form, or swap it with other users without asking.

Please keep the file intact with the readme.

If you alter or add to the mod, please mention in your readme which bits you altered, who the original was by and where people can contact you with any questions.

These requests and permissions cover only this mod and not the game itself.

REARDING HAIR MESH 'MyDrowHair.nif': You have permission to use this hair only for player characters in any public release. You DO NOT have permission whatsoever, to use this particular hair mesh in ANY NPC hair replacement facility for public release, ever. This mesh is huge. Adding it to several NPCs will completely kill gameplay.
In plain English, please do not use 'MyDrowHair.nif' as an NPC hair replacement for any publically released mod. There are no exceptions. If it is ever found in an NPC hair replacement mod, the site admin will be asked to remove the mod. It has just too much of an adverse effect on FPS.

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