This mod adds giant butterflyes to the leveled lists for the creatures that are spawned across Morrowind. You can attack them if you wish. They come in different ultra-colorful varities.



by Lady Rae

A horde of Giant Flutterbyes have infested Morrowind. Your help is needed to eliminate this threat. Are you up to the challenge?

PS: This is not a quest mod - just a creature mod. The only thing you'll get for killing the critters is experience and some ingredients. ^_^
They are part of the Leveled Creatures Lists, wherever there are cliff racers or netches you're liable to run into a flutterbye instead.
A Leveled_List_Merger is highly recommended.


Installation: Meshes in the Meshes folder
Textures in the Textures folder
esp in the Data Files folder
Keep or delete the screenshots and readme as you see fit.


Credits: Lady Eternity for the Butterflies.
Lady Rae for the silliness factor.


Usage: Do what you want. If you change anything, then please change the ids, both in the Construction Set and in the folders, so that our mods don't interfer with each other.
And please don't forget to give credit to Lady Eternity for the meshes..
Thank you.


LadyRae@[email protected]
or on the Elder Scrolls forum.


WARNING: Brightly colored critters are included in this mod. If you don't like bright colors do not use it.
You have been warned ^_^

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