Harlequin Sword Resource

The latest mod (such a boring word for something like this IMHO) by that artist and talented modder: Phijama.

This mod started life as a...

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File Description

The latest mod (such a boring word for something like this IMHO) by that artist and talented modder: Phijama.

This mod started life as a 'simple' (to him, which is amazing to everyone else!) Katana he had made, but wished to release to us Morrowind fans. Then people asked for some sheaths for that, then he showed us a sword that, (for some reason) hadn't got into the Requiem resource pack (too fussy by half that man) and then, suddenly, some bows appeared and sheaths for them came into existence, with some scripted arrows.

This is the product of that 'simple' start. It's better than anything I could do!

***Updated Version***

Phijama has:

Updated the Ivory Bow UV map, updated the shadows for all the weapons except the bows (sheaths/quivers also have shadows)

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'Harlequin' sword and bow resource- by Phijama V1.1


This particular resource adds 4 katanas, 2 bows and 1 two-handed sword to the game. All of the swords have scabbards and the two bows have quivers.All of these items have sheathing scripts attached in a sample plugin.

As is the case with most of my releases, this is primarily for use as a resource though it does include a playable plugin with the items placed in game courtesy of 'Ashemanu' - many thanks there!

The sample plugin requires Bloodmoon to run due to the sheathing scripts. 

'Harlequin' was a personal katana mesh of mine that I decided to update a little and then release. I had some spare time so I knocked up another sword called 'Ebony' and then along came 'Ivory'. Before I knew it these swords had accompanying bows, before they knew it they had accompanying quivers and so the story goes on.....


****Those using version 1 esp's please refer to the version 1.1 changes before installing****

The sample plugin was cleaned with TESame and packed with tesmu2, due to additional files it will no longer unpack with tesmu2. The file will extract to the data files directory of Morrowind with most extraction programs.

If manually installing, place the esp in the usual place, the Phijama meshes subfolder should be placed in the Meshes folder, all textures in the Textures folder and the Phijama icons subfolder in the Icon folder of Morrowind.

I have a tendancy to reuse my own textures, particularly those that I use for reflection maps. Allow these files to overwrite all my old ones, I do update them from time to time.

Known issues

Script issues.

The scripts themseleves are of a 'secondary' value, they are not what the resource is about, just a way of demonstrating how the meshes can be used in game.
Some have reported 'oddities' with the sheathing scripts in the sample plugin. I've been assured that the scripts are sound, but some have experienced sheathing difficulties when CoCing using the console or when using an old save. There may be some mod conflict at play.

Please do not replicate the scripts or items in game without changing all of the relevant Id's. This could lead to major item replication and may 'break' the scripts.

Clipping/ warping.

This is apparent with some characters and character animations. This is unavoidable. For best results use female characters. The Morrowind engine distorts meshes to adapt for different sized characters based on height/ weight. 'Dunmer' are the benchmark characters with height/ weight set at 1.0. For the very best results use females using the Dunmer height/ weight settings, or at least make sure height is equal to weight.

Disappearing clothes/ pauldron/ neck etc.

The sheathes have to take up a body part slot to be viewed in game. A sacrifice has to be made. The side sheathing katanas use the groin body part which currently uses the shirt clothing slot, but the skirt biped part. This is so it can be seen when worn with armor. The shirt slot can be changed, but the skirt biped must be used.
The backstrapping katanas and the quivers use the neck slot. These are set to the left pauldron and use the neck biped. The actual pauldron slot (clavicle) is not used, so a Right pauldron can be doubled up to use both clavicle slots thereby showing pauldrons on both shoulders. Those using Bethesdas stock meshes will notice that the neck of their character disappears. Those using Better Bodies will see the neck unless they are using items which take up the Chest body part slot. The Better Bodies mesh has two necks. One is part of the  Chest, the other is the actual Neck. I will produce some kind of workaround in the near future.  

Enchanting the weapons

Under no circumstances should you enchant these weapons! The meshes use reflection maps which conflict with the plastic wrap enchant effect. I personally do not like to see every single weapon in game shoot fireballs, sparks or raise the dead. A sword is a sword, it has a handle and sharp bit. The sharp bit does the business.


A general thank you goes to all those on the Official forums, the forums have been an 'escape' for me over the past year and I owe the community much in the way of gratitude.

Personal thanks go to Ashemanu - for placing the items in game, Vagabond Angel - for being a good mate, Lady Rae, Inwah, t_nilc, DDEO, Runi and Disasterpiece449 for testing. Thanks also to HandOfSotha for his literary prowess and Rogue Shadow for his words of encouragement.
If I missed anyone out, I'll update the read me in any future update....and also apologise profusely!


In the event that you experience issues that are not described in the 'known issues section', I can be contacted on the Official Elderscrolls forum. I go by the username 'Phijama'. If you're experiencing an issue that has already been described but have a potential fix or solution, then please do not hesitate to contact me. If you intend to contact me just to tell me about an issue I've already mentioned, please don't bother! 'Read me's' are for reading.


In the event that the host site goes down and I'm not available for contact, then this resource in its entirity may be uploaded to a new host.
Those who wish to use aspects of this resource in there own work, please feel free to do so, all I ask is that you give me a mention in the credits.

That's all! I hope enjoy playing with the meshes - I enjoyed making them......for a while at least!

Kind regards,

Phijama (Phil)


I've included a 'cheat' esp in a separate folder that places all of the meshes in Seyda Neen - details are in the header for that plugin. 

For those who do want to hunt for the items, a list of locations for the items follows:

Ebony bow:
Bal Ur Underground

Ivory bow:
Ald Daedroth, Inner Shrine

Dagon Fel, Sorkvilds Tower

Harlequin HQ2:
Ebernanit Shrine


Ivory weapon stand + Ivory:
 Ashmelech (Aundae clan base)

Ebony weapon stand + Ebony:
Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora 

Only one of the esps should be used at a time as both esps share the same scripts. The choice is yours, 'play fair' or 'cheat'.

VERSION 1.1 Update

****Those who have version1 need only copy the meshes from the Phijama meshes folder to the Phijama meshes folder of Morrowind. Alternatively, you can try out the revised meshes with added shadows. Copy these from the 'Harlequin shadows' sub folder which can be found in the HARLEQUIN sr V1.1 EXTRAS folder - no changes have been made to either of the included esp's****

I've cleaned up the uvw map on the Ivory bowset. The detailing had sheared a little though this was barely noticable in game, just me being pedantic.

I've added custom shadows to all models barring the actual bows. Bow shadows cannot be animated so I've left those out.The quivers and sheathed bows do have shadows.

Shadows can impair performance particularly custom shadows so I've placed all shadow versions in a subfolder within the extras folder.

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