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Helms Deep

Update 1.7: This update adds small changes to a couple of problems with t...

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File Description

Helms Deep

Update 1.7: This update adds small changes to a couple of problems with the dialog and scripting that people were having and a few placement issues so enjoy!!!

Update 1.6: Well this one fixes some land issues, like the rips in the land texture, the porblem was that I had strechted The land so much that it would rip the texture leaving big rips and tears in some places, also fixes a few other small things like floating stuff and placing problems.

Update 1.5: well you probly thinking wow this guy updates to much but hey that just makes it better and hey this is the last up date for a while. ok well i have added some dialog to the game which makes it i bit if not alot more interesting.i have added screenshots for those of you who like to see before downloading. i have fixed the rohan armor and stuff so that it is not worth a hole bunch on money "for the dead bodies lying around doing nothing" evened out a few unbalanced things and well its better lol. have fun folks.

Update 1.4: well lets start with saying this mod has been changed and made a hell of a lot better. I have made a new tower that looks alot more like the one in the movie, i have remade the great hall and added the "caves" where the peasents can go hide. I have fixed many bugs and spelling errors, added more thatn one class to people so they are not all damn acrobats lol . most of all i fixed the stupid problem where the thiefs guild topic was missing so no worries about that. Well theirs lots of new stuff that makes the mod resemble the movie alot more so yeah enjoy!!!

Update 1.3: I had alot of complaints about The shrine i removed to make helms deep so i have put the shrine back, its located to the right of helms deep for all who wanted it fixed. So no worries about anything missing...Enjoy!

update 1.2: adds lots of bodies for an after battle look, also fixed a few bugs with placing problems

My Story

Ok after the last helms deep I made I waited with so much excitement till the Lord of the ring: The two towers movie came out. When I watched it I saw Helms Deep and I realized my mod looked nothing like it. I Imediately went to work and now I have brought that mod up to the true Helms Deep, It has every detail I could get from the movie.

Location If you look at your Morrowind map, Put your finger on tel mora, now go down about an inch, you will see a old daedric Ruin, To avoid the trouble I made a Mage in Seyda neen who will take you to the Helms Deep Great Hall. He is near the Censis Office

Details Its almost perfect to the movie. Helms Deep is in the conditation after the wall was destroyed. There are rohan guards on the wall. Pesents all over, The great hall has King Theoden and Other People in it. The only detail is the tower its not the same as from the movie but I have made it so you can enter the tower and look at the horn of Helms Deep. I made the tower as good as any would. There are torches that light the way. The walls are huge. Its very very detailed to the movie.

Requirements Tribunal and Bloodmoon are required to play this mod.

Installation simply extract the Helms Deep.Zip to your Morrowind folder

If their are any questions please email me Jordan Chaleil at [email protected]

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