Hunter's Achievements

This mod, which can be used with vanilla Morrowind or any/all of the expansions, will add a book to the mages guild in Balmora that will tel...


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This mod, which can be used with vanilla Morrowind or any/all of the expansions, will add a book to the mages guild in Balmora that will tell you how many of a creature you have killed. Handy, no? The book will not count unique or special creatures, as the read-me states, and there are also instructions included on how to update your kill count.

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The Elder Scrolls III: MORROWIND
Hunter's Achievements v1.0
by Trollf

1. About
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. Final Notes


    1. About

This Plugin adds to Guild of Mages in Balmora some interesting
book that shows how many various creatures you have killed
since the beginning of the game. The book can be found on shelf
near the lectern downstairs.

The book counts only common, wild and typical creatures and animals.
If you kill summoned dremora or named dremora (eg Lord Dregas Volar)
or special dremora (eg those near Telvanni Archmagister Gothren)
the numbers will not increase but if you kill regular dremora
in tomb, cave or some location outside the counter will increase.
It's the same with animals but diseased or blighted one counts.

Unfortunately books can not refresh dynamically changed data
when in character's inventory. If you want to update the numbers
you must put the book on some shelf/table/ground and activate it
as you normally do. Well, almost... because there must be some
Quill Pen in character's inventory (and there's one near the book).
Finally if you activate the book with Quill Pen
the message 'Achievements updated' should appear.
Now, you can delight in up-to-date 
'The Dead List of foul Creatures and Beasts' ;-]


    2. Requirements

This plugin requires Bethesda's TES III: Morrowind game.
Versions for any expansion (Tribunal and/or Bloodmoon) are included.

This mod was cleaned with TESAME and should be compatible
with any plugin out there (I think so :>).


    3. Installation

First you must choose adequate version of esp file:

a) hunters_achievements.esp - take this
   if you have both expansions (tribunal and bloodmoon) installed
b) hunters_achievements_mr.esp - take this
   if you have morrowind w/out any expansion installed
c) hunters_achievements_bm.esp - take this
   if you have morrowind w/ bloodmoon installed (w/out tribunal)
d) hunters_achievements_tr.esp - take this
   if you have morrowind w/ tribunal installed (w/out bloodmoon)

To install the plugin, copy selected esp file
into Morrowind/Data Files directory.
Run Morrowind Launcher and choose 'Data Files' from the menu.
On the list to the right check the esp file you copied before.
Play the game and enjoy 'the numbers of the dead' ;-]


    4. Final Notes

This mod is being provided as freeware. Please feel free to copy
and distribute it or change its content to suit your personal
All I ask is that you don't claim/release it as your own
and give me some credit for what I have done.

Feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, bugs, etc.
(nick trollf on official TESForums)


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