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This mod adds an island that is based off of Isengard and the Misty Mountains from the Lord of the Rings movies. Adds a quest with a BIG re...


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This mod adds an island that is based off of Isengard and the Misty Mountains from the Lord of the Rings movies. Adds a quest with a BIG reward.

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Isengard MOD

-About the MOD
I'll spear you the "cover story" that everybody is "forced" to invent, being "Forming an island" the only safe way to add new territories to Morrowind. The entire area is placed on a 
abnormally huge island (6x6+4=40 Cells!!!), south to Azura’s Coast Region. There is a quest though, of getting to a chest, on the roof of Orthanc, which is loaded with money.
I created Isengard the way it looked prior to It's destruction (by Saruman's orcs, and the Ents).
I tried to make it look, as accurately as I could, the way it looks in the movie, however, I only used the building blocks that comes with the Cons.Set (no new textures and meshes) so there might be some inconsistencies. Also, compared to the movie, It is scaled down, because the View distance of the game is too low to enable you to see even the tower from the outer walls, if it's any bigger than this (Orthanc=1/2; Isengard=1/3; scenery=1/4; so you can see the river Isen from the outer walls of Isengard). Apart from the scale, I designed the scenery consistent with Tolkien's original maps. You can get on and off the outer walls at multiple locations, travel along it in (almost) a complete circle, get inside Orthanc and peep from the middle height balconies, or fly, from within, to the tip top of the tower and check the view from the roof...
Also I would like to add that this is my first mod, and that I have put into it over 300 hours of work, so I'd appreciate any comets and feedback. Also that I'm from Israel so pardon any spelling errors that I might have...

  -Extract/copy the Data Files folder, as it is, into your Morrowind Directory.

-Improvements (v1.1)

 -Compatibilities- Can now run on every version of Morrowind (created on the Un-Patched version).
 -'River Isen'- Completely Re-Designed to be shallower, and easier to get out of, in every side.
 -New NPC 'Saruman'- 100 level, Capable of shooting 'Sound' & 'Paralyze' from his staff.
 -New Sound- Saruman's edited voice from the movie.
 -Quest easier- Keys are now Easyer to find.
 -Miscelleniouse Improvement- Little bugs & unwanted artifacts removed/corrected. 

-Additions (v1.2)

-Inside the chest, on the roof of Orthanc, are 2 items:
 -Elendil's Helm
 -Elendil's Sword - Narsil

-Additions (v1.3)

-Inside the chest, on the roof of Orthanc, are 4 items:
 -Elendil's Helm
 -Elendil's Sword - Narsil
 -Uruk-Hai Scimitar
 -Uruk-Hai Long Scimitar

-All wepons previousely had a fixed light on them, even in dark places,
 which made them look unrealistic. It also prevented from real-time lighting to be
 realisticly applied on them: "All wepons are now propperly lit."

-Elendil's Helm: Previousely mistakenly Over-Powered (Armor Rating=750),
                        "It is now propperly powered." (Armor Rating=70)

-Elendil's Sword - Narsil: Previousely Over-Powered, Miss-Placed, and too big (long),
                                     "It is now propperly powered, placed and sized."

-Scimitars: Previousely had a built-in texture (for the .nif file),
                 "They both now use the same .tga file, therefore weigh much less KBytes."

-Playing the Isengard Mod
  -Start the game as normal, when the start screen opens click on "Data Files" and click on
   "Isengard" so that it is checked off. 
  -To begin the MOD you must first get to "Faladir", he is you're first Guide.
  -Faladir can be found in the western shore of "Seyda Neen". You should be able to see his little
   boat from the Light Tower.      
  -Talk to Faladir, pay his fee, and he will Guide you through the first part of the Mod, and also
    take you to Isengard.
  -Any questions, my Email is:

Special Thanks to:
  -All those who participated in making "The Lord Of The Ring" movie trilogy, providing me with a
   lot of inspiration. Especially, Mary Maclachlan and John Baster, who are supervisors for WETA  
    Workshop's Miniatures Team, and everybody who worked on the "Isengard Miniature". Outstanding job!!!
    The whole thing is stunning; it blows me away every time I watch the movie.

Isengard area is "Astronomically" Detailed so I don't know how smooth it will run on an average PC (I own a GeForce3 Ti-500 on a 2Ghz PC, so everything just about "Flies" for me).
If you have a powerful PC then IT IS HIGHLY RECOMENDED TO RUN FPS-OPTIMIZER and set maximum view distance to "permanent" double maximum default, otherwise you will often not see Orthanc from the outer walls, and you wont see the far side of the inner circle, so the overall experience will greatly diminish... However, if you have a less powerful PC then this, you should REALY decrees all sorts of Detail attributes.

A word of advice: Don't be tempted to go southward, or beyond the Misty Mountains, looking for
the rest of Middle-Earth. Trust me, It's not there…You'll just end up killing the magic of the
experience, effectively ruining it for yourself…

                                                                                                                                -Arnon Marcus

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