M'Aiq the Liar Quest

W4rbird comes out with his first mod and guess what? It's a Morrowind mod! That's right people time to dust off the case and run the aged...


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W4rbird comes out with his first mod and guess what? It's a Morrowind mod! That's right people time to dust off the case and run the aged classic! This mod (being W4's first) is pretty simple. You start off by talking to a woman in Seyda Neen, who in turn directs you to a man named Fred. Why do you need to go and talk to fred? Because you're looking for M'Aiq the Liar, who will direct you to the Boethia shrine quest. From fred you are told to find a book and from there, you must find M'Aiq. This quest is simple, quick but enjoyable. There are minor spelling errors and some grammatical things that could be looked at though. If you couldn't find M'Aiq before, this mod is very useful, and if you want to start the Boethia's Shrine quest this is also a great option. But what I really like is where you find M'Aiq. It has been designed in such an awkward way, just shove a candle here, a lookout here and an oasis here! It looks cool :D For a first mod this is a doozy! Download it if you want a little blast of fun added in to your Morrowind life.


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Download 'mtl_quest.zip' (1.17MB)

A TES III: Morrowind Quest
TITLE: M'Aiq the Liar Quest
AUTHOR: W4rbird
E-MAIL: warbird1@interia.pl
WEBSITE: http://warbird1.w.interia.pl

FILENAME: mtl_quest.zip
FILESIZE: 1,16 MB (zipped)
DATE RELEASED: 18th May 2007

-> Bethesda Softworks - creators of TES3: Morrowind.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: In the archive, a folder 'Data Files' extract into main directory of Morrowind. The default is C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind. Launch Morrowind and in 'Data Files' section find and select 'M'Aiq the Liar Quest' plugin. Hit 'OK' and you're done. 

DESCRIPTION: Ok, I'm new in this stuff so please get easy on me :P I was making this two weeks. This is a small quest about famous liar in Tamriel - M'Aiq the Liar. He has a lot of ridiculous information, e.g. he can tell you things about multiplayer, nudity, weresharks etc. :P Your task is to find him and when you finally reach him, ask him about The Boethia Shrine (which will trigger another quest - finding Boethia Shrine). To start your search you will need information regarding his location. So, go to Seyda Neen and talk with Indrele Rathryon about Fred. Good luck! [the quest (with Boethia Shrine) should give you approx. 1,5 h of additional gaming]

REQUIRMENTS: Latest patch for Morrowind -> 1.2.0722

BUGS: First the minor bug: it might happen that, if you load your save with this plugin for the first time, the question box may apppear. Answer 'yes' to continue, then resave and and all will go fine.
The worse bug is that (not always happen!), if you already completed Morrowind you may not be able to buy certain item (don't want to spoil), which is important for this quest. In order to further the plot, go to Balmora and near the Lucky Lockup's stairs, there are 3 baskets. In one of them there is that important item. Then, you can play this quest further. 

In no way am I responsible for whatever damage this can cause to your computer (but, honestly I doubt it). If you use any part of this file, please make sure you ask for my persmission, before releasing it.

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