Morrowind Enhanced Sounds Patch v2.1

This is a patch for the Morrowind Enhanced Sounds Pack.


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This is a patch for the Morrowind Enhanced Sounds Pack.

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New in Version 2.1:

This version is recommended to be used in conjunction with Marty "The Puma Man" V's Wilderness Sounds Mod, Wilderness Sounds (5.3 Megs.) A separate Plugin file has been provided for users without Tribunal.

Both plugin files remove the regional ambient sounds of birds and crickets which were also included and better implemented in the Wilderness Sounds Mod.

Version 2.0:

This patch requires the last Morrowind Sound Enhancement Plugin Release, (10.5 Megs.)

Adds more ambient sounds to the Mournhold Region on top of the already excellent defaults
-This group of features requires the Tribunal Expansion Pack.
-Ambient sounds representing birds and crickets in Mournhold are 3d-positioned and respond to the current time and weather. Hear birds chirp during the day and crickets wail through the night all around you. Unlike my Official Mods Sound Enhancement Plugin, these sounds do not loop and instead play at realistic random intervals.
-Listen as they fade away when rain approaches, replaced by the new ambient sound of raindrops on foliage, then smoothly return when the sky clears.

Enhances more feet and falling oriented sounds
-Improves Light and Bare Feet Sounds by adding the sound of thick cloth shuffling.
-Finally adds a new default fall sound with foley effects for the Player, NPCs, and shod Creatures. This feature also requires the Tribunal Expansion Pack.
-Adds the sound of dirt getting kicked up to animal feet sounds.
-Highly detailed, distinctly robotic feet, roller and falling sounds for the Centurions
-New feet sounds for the Ogrim (It's just so huge.)
-Appropriately disgusting new fall sound for Bonewalkers

Water sound is now slightly softer but more dynamic

Usual minor fixes to existing sounds


-The game does not distinguish between different types of footwear when it comes to falling sounds. A single default fall sound is played for anything all the characters specified in this feature's description are wearing, hence the recommendation above.

Additionally, unshod 3rd-party (Other Plugins) NPCs or Creatures MAY end up inappropriately using that sound if they have not been specified otherwise (There are 3 other fall sounds available for creatures.) I stressed the word may because many 3rd-party creatures don't have a fall sound tagged at all.

-The new rain on foliage ambient sound doesn't fade out like the rain sound once the weather starts clearing up. It continues to play when there are no longer any rain drops and then abruptly stops. There's nothing I can do about this.

-I did include improved sounds for the projectile Centurion's ranged attack (Featuring a real airgun sound) and the Lich's sounds (Bones grinding, tattered cloth swaying and all) in this patch, however for some reason these sounds were not tagged for the said creatures. The Lich for example is completely silent aside from it's footsteps and attack *whoosh*. Hopefully someone will remedy this soon. I think it has something to do with the actual NIF file which I can't edit. In the meantime you will just have to content yourself with listening to the sounds outside the game. :)

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