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This appears to be a nifty little tool for Morrowind, which allows the user to find mods from a database, and presumably download.

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This appears to be a nifty little tool for Morrowind, which allows the user to find mods from a database, and presumably download.

I can't give much more of a description than that, as the program doesn't work for me; if it's broken for more people, the file will be taken down.

However, the tool appears to be very useful for Morrowind players.


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Download 'mmbase.7z' (1.93MB)

Morrowind Mods Database v.1.2     (by Raveren, Clockwork City, 2007)

MMbase is a program which allows You searching out information about plugins for TES III Morrowind, on the basis of Raveren`s database.


MMBase.exe needs Microsoft Framework .NET v.2.0 - you can download it from here :
It requires also Windows Installer 3.1, from here :


After launching, the program displays load screen (database is loading), and then the main window of MMbase. We select proper mode by clicking specific bookmark in the lower part of the window (Category search, Advanced search, Table view). In the upper part of the window you can find subrecord's data (mod's name, author, region, race etc.) filtered by chosen criteria. We can browse records with buttons on the blue toolbar. With "Open page" button we can open a browser window on a webpage defined by displayed URL.
Category search:
- we select the category, subcategory, keyword and author, step by step, not simultaneously. If we select any option from the list, filtered records will be displayed in the upper half of the window (we can browse them with buttons on the blue toolbar)
- if we go back to the searching menu (e.g. to the "Category" list), the next list will be cleaned out - only options with proper records in database are displayed (it is called a "context display").
Advanced search:
- in this bookmark we can independently select options from the lists 
- in order to activate the list we must click selection field above the list (e.g. "Category") - the list becomes active and we can select one or more options (with SHIFT or CTRL button) - if we select few options, it marks their sum (OR)
- selecting of few lists marks the product of specific conditions (AND)
- searching begins with clicking green button "Start" - it changes into red, the program is searching through the base - after finding records they are displayed in the upper part of the window
- with the "Back" button we can reverse last searching action (not always though...)
- searching can be performed in the whole base (selecting "Search in: base") or in the last searching results (selecting "Search in: Results")
- after activating the "Search in" field, you can enter any word in the "Search for word" box, and the base will be filtered by this specific word (it can be also some part of the word) and by marked categories. So, after selecting specific categories we can write some string of letters (and/or symbols) in the text box and push the "Start" button to perform the searching.
- the button "Save to file" opens dialogue window with title, author and url form selected records and we can save it in the text file (and even print it...)

Table view:
- the table shows the data from the filtered subrecords
- by clicking the main headline we can sort lines upwards or downwards



  1.  Arsenal - all kinds of weapons and armor
  2.  Buildings - all kinds of buildings, grouped according to region
  3.  TotalConversion - whole new worlds in the game
  4.  Body parts - all kinds of new bodies, heads and hair, grouped according to race
  5.  Sound - plugins with new sound and/or music
  6.  Complex - huge plugins with new locations, buildings, characters, quest and items
  7.  Magic - mods with alchemy and magic books, summon spells, magic items, necromancy, magic and alchemic plants, magic related quests and weapons
  8.  Maps - all kinds of maps and Vality`s 3D mods
  9.  Models - new models and textures (non-ESP archives), without bodies, heads and hair, which are in Body Parts Category.
10.  NPC - plugins with new characters.
11.  Landmasses - new areas, isles and building sets (cities, villages), grouped according to region
12.  Underground - caves, tombs and dungeons, grouped according to region
13.  Tweaks - all kinds of corrections and improvements
14.  Items - books, camping equipment, clocks, furnitures, music instruments, dishes and kitchen stuff, lights, mannequins, toys, tools, statues, transportation equipment etc.
15.  Races - new races, classes and birthsigns which can be used to create a new character
16.  Realism - realistic mods, grouped according to type
17.  Miscellaneous - uncategorized mods
- Alternate Start - specific game beginning
- Game - interface modifiers (e.g. new icons, time etc.)
- Ships - all kinds of ships, boats etc.
- Travel - transportation tools
- NPC - specific characters and new NPC behaviour
- Items - specific items (e.g. meteorite)
- Terrain - specific architecture (e.g. sauna) or terrain objects (e.g. waterfall)
- SplashScreen - new loading screens
18.  Creatures - all kinds of animals, monsters, ghosts and undead
19.  Textures - useful texture sets (without body textures)
20.  Companion - all kinds of companions, grouped according to type (NPC or Creatures)
21.  Clothes - all kinds od clothes, shoes, rings and amulets
22.  Cheats - cheating mods (e.g. gold, weapons, new spells)
23.  Utils - plugin tools, instructions and guides, generators and corrections
24.  Quests - all kinds of quests, grouped according to quest type
25.  GraphicReplacers - retextures and remodels


  1.  ---  (---) – unallocated...
  2.  Alchemy - all kinds of potions, apparatus, ingredients
  3.  Amulet/Ring - all kinds of amulets and rings
  4.  Weapons - all kinds of weapons (swords, bows, staffs, ...)
  5.  Architecture - buildings, bridges and other constructions
  6.  Addition/Update – game changes and supplements
  7.  Flora - all kinds of plants and flowers
  8.  Heads – new heads models and textures
  9.  Game – game modifications
10.  Player – player modifications
11.  Graphic/Sound - graphic and sound modifications
12.  Complex – huge game changes and supplements
13.  Books - all kinds of books and book related quests
14.  Magic – news spells and magic effects
15.  Furniture - all kinds of furnitures, carpets, pictures etc.
16.  Town/Village - mainly for Landmasses Category - new towns and villages
17.  ModdersRes - modders resources, mainly Clothes Category (non-ESP)
18.  NPC – in-game character modifications
19.  Travel – travel improvements
20.  Bugfixes - dialogues and game corrections
21.  Items – new items
22.  Shop/Tavern – shops and inns, selling clothes, armor, weapons and items
23.  Creatures - new creatures in the game
24.  Lights – new lights  (lamps, candles, ...)
25.  Terrain – terrain modifications
26.  Vampires - vampire related subcategory
27.  Hair - new hair models and textures
28.  Quest – new quests
29.  Castle/Fortress - all kinds of castles and fortresses
30.  Armors - all kinds of armor, shields

Due to long developing time (over 4 months) and difficulties with assigning mods to categories, there can be some inconsistency (e.g. Teleportation Ring assign). Depending on mods nature and my own judgement, I placed them in various categories, so it`s best to search the mods in few different categories and subcategories.

Raveren  (MMBASE database),   Magnus (interface, browser)

Email :

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