Muffinwind is an epic quest based on every right-minded person's favourite foodstuff. From the perilous depths of the Master Baker's tomb, t...

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File Description

Muffinwind is an epic quest based on every right-minded person's favourite foodstuff. From the perilous depths of the Master Baker's tomb, to the terrible Bakeries of Necrom, to ancient and forgotten temples, and finally to the depths of the Muffin Realm itself, the Nerevarine must rally his/her allies and prepare Morrowind for the greatest conflict it has ever known.... all the while preparing him/herself to battle the ghosts of the past. Betrayal, ascendancy, tragedy, manipulation and flour - a recipe for trouble, indeed.

This is not a joke mod. The plot itself is mostly serious, but there's plenty of humour throughout. Think Terry Pratchett's more recent novels and you're along the right lines.

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The Elder Scrolls III
"What is the dilly with all of these floating spoons?" - Cenobite  

By Cow Guru - eevilcowguru AT -

Table of Contents:

1. Dedication
2. Installing the mod
3. Playing the mod
4. Save Games
5. Credits

This mod is dedicated to Grumpy, one of the finest modders the Morrowind community has ever known. He died of cancer on the 17th June 2005. Rest in Peace, and thank you.

Installing the mod
Extract all the files to the "data files" directory in your Morrowind folder. Check the Muffinwind box in your data files window, off the Morrowind launcher. Muffinwind requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

Playing the mod
Go to Khuul and head for Mharia's Muffins (a cafe). You should be a fairly high level to play this, but since Morrowind's level system kind of gives up the ghost and hits the bottle after thirty it doesn't really matter..... I'd say 40 minimum. The mod assumes your character has completed all three main quests - Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon. You can still play it if you haven't, but it won't all make sense.

Save games
This plugin will not invalidate your old save games. I say this only because that exact sentence is included in every plugin readme known to man (apart from one amusing one which also featured the install instruction "put evrything were its supossed 2 go") and not out of any actual certainly.
But it worked on "Old Rusty", a save-game of mine which has existed for three years now, and if nothing goes wrong on Old Rusty all of your saves are almost certainly safe.

Palinurus, Cenobite, Jayson, Aulakauss, EmuMaster, Soude, Argonian Warlord, Silenna, Ravenholme CP42 and Fluffy for testing, and the rest who dropped out for various reasons.
Grumpy, for his companion scripts. 
Everyone who gave suggestions and support at the ES forum. 
Skullzz, for the idea.
Braddock/Mantodea for the Muffin model.
Bakers around the world, for bringing us the gift of the Muffin.
Sheogorath, without whose inspiration I could not have come so far. The voices keep me company at night, too.
Vals' Fan, for solving a n00bish animation problem.
Lady E for the Demonite and Musicians.
Original "main villain" face and hair models by Rhedd.
Original "main villain" face and hair textures by Allerleirauh.
Wings by Sabregirl.
TheSlof, for many, many models.
Gren, for the tapestries.
MentalElf, for the TESFiles program, allowing Muffinwind's jumble of random meshes and textures to be packed without terrible headaches. I don't know how I'll cope without this in Oblivion.
Boney M for the Rasputin song.

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