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This mod adds more clothing to the "Nudies" of Morrowind that you'll see only wearing a torn underwear or a bra. It will add a variety of...

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File Description

This mod adds more clothing to the "Nudies" of Morrowind that you'll see only wearing a torn underwear or a bra. It will add a variety of more "Underclothing" to the characters, from simple to skimpy.

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NoNudes by Lady Rae

I've put little outfits some of our favorite nudists that run around Vvardenfell, Mournhold and Solstheim. If you are offended by the concept of covering naked bodies then please do not use this mod. ^_^


Icons in the Icons folder
Meshes in the Meshes folder
Textures in the Texture folder
esps in the Data Files folder.
Readme and screenshots can be saved or deleted as you desire.


IMPORTANT: You must put this mod LAST if you use Merged_Objects from TESTool. Otherwise Merged_Objects will put the bear boots on the beserkers and remove the tops defeating the whole purpose of this mod. (By the same token, if all you care about are shorts on the guys and don't mind the ladies be-bopping around without tops it doesn't matter where No Nudes is in the list ^_^)


NoNudes.esp will put clothing on the populous.

NoNudes Clothes Only.esp will put the clothes in various stores around Morrowind: (There is no covering up done in this mod ^_^)
Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen
The Pawnbrokers in Balmora and Ald'Ruhn
and in the outdoor market in Gnisis.

You can run both esps together or either one separately. You can also merge them together if you want. I don't forsee a problem with any of that. But if one should crop up, please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it.


Artists: NioLiv, Neuman, Silaria, Korana for the meshes.

A big thank you to the following people who helped me to locate the Nudists of Morrowind:
and most especially to OldeCow69, who was generous enough to go through Morrowind and both expansions helping me to find anyone who'd been missed. Thank you.


Feel free to use this mod in any way you desire. If you do decide to release the clothes in a mod please re-name them so our mods don't mess with each other. Also please give credit in your readme to the artists listed above.



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Comments on this File
1 year ago by Siva Smith

This file can be found at this URL:

In fact, there are a LOT of Morrowind mods available on that site!

Edit: the main link, so you can see for yourself, no shenanigans:

Second edit: If mods/admins/authority on this site frowns upon links to other filehosting sites, I apologise. Since Morrowind is an older game, I figure that you don't mind links to a site that specialises. If it were Skyrim instead of Morrowind, that'd be different; Skyrim's still the newest TES game. While I'm pretty sure you've set it up so that I can reupload stuff off that site to yours, I don't expect there's much traffic in such an old game, and even if your server is huge, there's still likely little call for Morrowind mods, so doing so'd waste your serverspace. If you want to hedge your bets and ask those guys about it, I suspect all is likely cool - but of course I don't know for sure. I just know, us who love these old games should stick together.

1 year ago by FileTrekker

Posting the links is fine, although we do want to restore these files, and we are doing from our own backups slowly, so we would welcome the restoration of this file. :)

Lady Rae

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