Peace and Tranquility



Two of these blades started life at the same time as I produced 'Na'Eelrin', but for one reason or another I gave up after 2 hours work. Vagabond Angel inspired me to finish these blades after the release of his very accomplished sword, 'Hissyo'.

This plugin is essentially released as a resource. Two blades with matching scabbards are placed in game in a sample plugin, as well as a simple golden 2 handed sword.

'Peace and Harmony' are dual weilding blades (count these as one weapon) with matching scabbards. Meshes included are sword, off hand sword (defensive) and two scabbards, one placed as a 'groin' item the other as a 'neck' item. Each scabbard has sword drawn state and sword undrawn. I've included a ground NIF for these twin blades.

'Defiance' is a simple 2 handed longsword, nothing special, just a basic sword.

'Tranquility' is a longer blade sharing the same detailing as 'Peace and Harmony', but with different reflection colors. This sword has a scabbard in both drawn and undrawn state and a ground NIF is included for the scabbard. This sword is placed as a neck item.

'Peace' and 'Tranquility' are scripted swords, they autoequip the scabbards - in the case of 'Peace' it also autoequips 'Harmony' (defensive partner).

Scripting is not my forte, but the script does work as intended. The scripts used will clean up any replication of the scabbards (I hope). I've allowed the undrawn scabbards to be dropped, simply for display purposes - if they are then picked up and the relevant sword is used, the scabbards will be soaked up by the script. The 'sword drawn' scabbards are disabled if dropped from the inventory, so is 'Harmony'.

The scabbards do require the use of clothing slots. Those that back sheave use the neck slot, the one that equips to the side uses the groin slot. I've placed the scabbards as skirts, but used the pants slot. Pants will disappear in the plugin, but all armor can be worn. Pants can be added to the scabbards in the CS, but this is a sample plugin and I'm more more of a modeler than a constructor, so I left them out!

Robes can be worn, but the side scabbard will not be seen. Wings can be worn but the back scabbards may not be seen. I've added a 'dummy' neck to the back sheathe scabbards - so Bethesda's bodies users should have something in place of the original neck, it is not perfect and has had to be scaled down a little but I've added a small neck band that helps to distract a little.


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