Solsthiem Abandoned Shack



This is a very... interesting Morrowind mod.

What it does is add a shack onto the docks of Fort Frostmoth on Sothsthiem Island.

Nothing extravagant, just a shack on the docks. useful if you need a place to sleep on the Island.

Also, it's the Author's first mod, so be gentle! :)




Readme File:
Filefront User Name: Arron_Dominion (and yes including the _)

A shack has appeared in Fort Frostmoth! But no one is home...  It is rumored that a note explaining the circumstances is within the house.  It is also rumored this shack is apart of the Dark Brotherhood.  Although none of it can be confirmed, you can take it from me that it is true.  This shack is located on the docks, sort of, of Forst Frostmoth.  You can own it if you want, but there really isn't enough to justify owning it, besides the chest.  Make sure you look in the chest and around the tables and such, there are hidden goodies in that house.

>Extract contents
>>Open C: or drive with Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on it
>>>Open Program Files
>>>>Open Bethesda Softworks
>>>>>Open Morrowind
>>>>>>Open Data Files
>>>>>>>Put the .esp file that is included with this readme into the Data Files folder.

To Run:
>go into the data files on the main menu before you go into game and activate Solstheim Abandoned Shack, or something like that..!?

Known Bug:
>Items might be overpowered
>Name of Interior Cell might be wrong for the Fort, not planning on changing that


This is a first mod, so input is appreciated and it has not been tested, but it works for myself. Please don't sell or re-make this without my consent.

Bethesda for making the Construction Set.

Contact Info:
xfire = ajdominion
AIM = Arron Dominion
MSNM = [email protected]
email = [email protected]


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