Tejon's Fatigue Effects

This small mod makes some realistic effects to the fatigue in Morrowind. Now, you'll have to keep an eye on your fatigue, or you may get so...

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File Description

This small mod makes some realistic effects to the fatigue in Morrowind. Now, you'll have to keep an eye on your fatigue, or you may get some negative effects. This contains "Blindness" (Your vision dimming as your fatigue decreases), Collapse (Your character falling over when he/she has a fatigue of 0), Sleep! (Your person loses more fatigue if he/she has been awake for a long time), and Magic Balance (Weakens Fatigue Restoration Magic for balance) as seperate esps, or a single one containing all of them.

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Tejón's Fatigue Effects v1.2

This is a collection of separate effects, which can be applied individually or
as a complete package.

Blackout: causes vision to dim as fatigue decreases.
Collapse: causes your character to drop to the ground at 0 fatigue.
Sleep!: tracks how long you've been awake and applies increasing fatigue drain.
Magic Balance: weakens fatigue restoration magic.

The "Complete" .esp contains all of the above.

Push yourself too hard, and your vision starts to dim. The effect starts at
about 50% of max fatigue, and is very slight at first, but increases
dramatically at very low fatigue values, with total blindness at 0 fatigue.
This effect provides a handy warning that fatigue is low, because you're not
always looking at the little green bar.

When your fatigue drops to 0, you will fall down. Beware: if this happens in
water, you will immediately start drowning! Collapse lasts for several seconds;
high Endurance can speed recovery. As an additional effect, if your character
is below 15% of max fatigue, you will lose the ability to jump. (This is a
necessary work-around for a Morrowind game bug.)

This mod keeps a running tally of how long you've been awake. Once the clock
hits 12 hours, a constant effect is added which drains 1 point of fatigue per
second. Every six hours after that, the drain is increased by 1. Because your
natural fatigue regeneration is still active, at first this will only slow down
your recovery time, but as time progresses the effect will become more and more
severe. What's more, once you've been awake for 2 days, your magicka will begin
to falter as well, beginning with a 1-point drain and increasing by 1 point per
day. Ultimately, not even mastery of Restoration will prevent your collapsing.

Once you do go to sleep, the hours you have rested are credited against the
hours you've been awake, at a 3-to-1 ratio. Six hours asleep will counteract 18
hours awake, and so forth. If you've been awake for 30 hours and sleep for 5,
then you are still considered to have been awake for 15 hours. Time spent in
jail will be treated as if you were sleeping. Time spent in fast travel (by
boat or silt strider) will not be counted as fatigue, but it will not rest you
either (ever tried sleeping on a bus?).

BE WARNED: combining Collapse with Sleep! makes it possible to get into a
situation where you can't rest (due to illegality or enemies nearby), and you
can't do anything else (because you've fainted and have a constant fatigue
drain keeping you down). For a future version, I may investigate methods of
solving this when illegality is the problem, but if you've exhausted yourself
to the point of collapse when there are creatures nearby which would like to
eat you, then they've eaten you. Reload. :)

Magic Balance
This increases the cost of the Restore Fatigue magic effect from 1.0 to 2.5.
The spells "Rest of St. Merris" and "Stamina," and the enchantment effects with
the same names, have been reduced in power to keep their casting/activation
costs the same. Potions of Restore Fatigue made by the player will have
proportionately weaker effects, though the Restore Fatigue potions which can be
found or purchased have not been altered.

The main reason for this change is to make it harder to negate all effects of
fatigue by creating a small constant-effect Restore Fatigue item. It's still
possible, but now it takes up a meaningful amount of enchantment capacity.

If you are upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 and are using the individual .esp files,
you will only need to replace the Sleep! module. There should be no need to
clean your save in any case.

In one case, I had a crash in the Sleep! module when upgrading a save which
used the 1.01 code. I'm not sure what caused this, but if it occurs, simply
clean the save: remove Tejón's Fatigue Effects - Sleep (or Complete) from the
list, load the saved game, and save again, then add it back. NOTE: It's very a
bad idea to do this if you are currently suffering fatigue loss due to lack of
sleep! Rest up completely first.


- Fixed fatal crash in Sleep! script.
- Sleep! no longer counts the time before you've first left the Census Office.

- Extended Sleep! from 15 to 35 levels of drain, added Drain Magicka effects.
- Included code in Sleep! to check for travel and jail. NOW REQUIRES BLOODMOON!
- Overhauled other bits of Sleep! script for efficiency. (Mod now 10k smaller!)

- Removed "FadeOut" effect from Fainting and Falling, and renamed the module
  Collapse. FadeOut was causing problems: the effect blacked out menus as well
  as the game world, and if a character died it stayed dark even after reload.
- Added a 100% blind effect to Blackout (and shortened the name), to replace
  the total blackness previously provided by Fainting and Falling at 0 fatigue.
- Tweaked Sleep! code for efficiency and to guarantee detection of 1-hour naps.
- Added Magic Balance module.

- Improvement to Sleep! script, now referencing DaysPassed instead of Day. The
  previous method would probably have caused errors at certain times.
- Fixed a bug in the Sleep! code regarding sleeping across day transitions.

- Initial release.

If you have questions, kudos, or criticism, feel free to email me:

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