Tejon's Gold Weight

This small mod gives weight to your gold, forcing the player to make a place for themselves to deposit the gold. It features a script which...

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File Description

This small mod gives weight to your gold, forcing the player to make a place for themselves to deposit the gold. It features a script which will add weights as your money increases. Good for those who want to have some realism in the game.

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Tejón's Gold Weight Mod v1.01
Based on VenomByte's original gold weight mod.

Adding weight to the actual gold pieces causes many problems in Morrowind. This mod gives weight to gold coins indirectly, circumventing the usual issues.

An item, "Gold Weight," is added to your inventory for each gold coin you carry. A script constantly tracks your current wealth, and adjusts the number of weights accordingly. The weights themselves can be dropped and picked up, but this has no effect because as soon as they leave your inventory more are added, and if you're carrying too many they're removed. The weight ratio is 50 to a pound.

The mod does not function when you are in a dialog, so you won't notice the weight adjustment while bartering with a merchant; you'll have to say goodbye and then check your inventory. I tried leaving the process active on when in menus, but this caused a problem with gold being duplicated if you picked it up with the cursor.

Changes from VenomByte's excellent original:

* Weights cannot be sold!
* Doubled the weight of the coins, from 0.01 to 0.02
* Completely rewritten script, far faster
* Tribunal StartScript instead of a trigger in Seyda Neen

I can't stress enough that this is a derivative work, and the original author deserves massive recognition. I don't consider any of the above to be shortcomings in his mod: VenomByte wrote his version before Tribunal, and before many current modding resources were available. It was slower because the early versions of the game would crash if he adjusted inventories too quickly; it had no startscript because there was no such thing.

The flag to make an item unsellable is undocumented, can't be viewed in the TES Construction Set, and I only found it by comparing the raw data for keys (which can't be sold) to other misc items (which can). If anyone's interested, in the Morrowind Enchanted Editor the flag in question is in subrecord MCDT, labeled "Unknown." It's 0 by default, setting it to 1 causes all merchants to reject the item.


- Somehow the unsellable flag didn't make it into the initial release.
  I feel very stupid for tagging that release "Final." :)

1.0 (final)
- Initial release.

If you have questions, kudos, or criticism, feel free to email me:

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