The Crazy Lady of Ald-Ruhn

This mod adds an odd lady who wanders around Ald-Ruhn, and offers clothing tailored to female characters.

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File Description

This mod adds an odd lady who wanders around Ald-Ruhn, and offers clothing tailored to female characters.

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The Crazy Lady of Ald'Ruhn
by Lady Rae


This mod has a strange woman wondering around Ald'Ruhn named Lady Rae. Although fully convinced of her own sanity, she does have some rather strange things to say. While not invincible, she will be rather difficult to kill, not because you're suppose to kill her, but only because I don't want some snot-nosed puppy straight off the boat from Seyda Neen able to put her down an iron dagger ^_^. However, should you decide to kill her you'll miss out on all the silly clothes she has to sell, female only (sorry). You only need MORROWIND to play this.

Version 2.5: There shouldn't be any problems with compatibility with Version 2, but you might wind up with two ladies if you've already been to Ald'Ruhn. I would advise doing the fix mentioned below (heading to an inside room, etc.), but if you don't want to, it won't really mess anything up.

New in this version, I've added a few more outfits - recolors of existing outfits and done Rae using Qarl's recently released body meshes (she now glows in the dark ^_^) and RX-31's new animations. I've also added ground meshes to everything but boots. Now when you drop something you won't find it floating in the air. 

Version 2: This version is incompatible with version 1. I strongly recommend heading to an inside room some place and saving your game. Now un-check Cassiopea. Re-load and save again. Now you should be able to include Rae.esp in your list and everything should work just fine. Again, the Crazy Lady is mostly eye candy, but I've given her a few outfits to sell just for the halibut.


You should be able to unzip this mod into your Data Files Folder. 
Icons go in the Icons folder
Meshes in the Meshes folder
Textures in the Textures folder
Each has a subfolder Rae where all the goodies are located.

esp goes in the Data Files Folder.

Rhedd, Gorg, Hell Kitty and Allerleirauh - head and hair meshes
Better Bodies team - body, Qarl - new, glowy mesh
Redguard_Slayer - Curiass and sandals
Korana - Skirt
NioLiv - Meshes for clothes
RX31 - Animation
Harborgolfer, Xiamara and Karminathevamp - testing
Canadian Ice (hair), Vagabond Angel (skin color) and Sorcha Ravenlock (eye shadow)  - inspiration
Lady Rae - recoloring, general craziness ^_^
The Truth - additional craziness


If I've forgotten anyone, or if there is anything that needs to be changed, please contact me at or on the Elder Scrolls Forums as - strangely enough - Lady Rae.

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