The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Mod - Morrowind Rebirth v1.5



Patch Notes:

General * The alchemist in Pelagiad has a fully stocked, unlocked shop but neither alchemist nor guard, this has been locked until further notice. * Geel-Lah, a trader in Suran had 0 in seller gold, thus making it impossible to trade. This is now fixed. * I forgot to add a few weapons to the leveled-lists, now they should now appear as intended. * Restored "Orc Berserk" from drain 50 pt of agility for 60 sec to 100 pt of agility for 60 sec. * Replaced faulty icon for scrap iron (Thanks Melchior!) * Recolored Imperial Captain's helmet to match the Imperial armor.

Landscaping * A large amount of fixes for terrain and other stuff like floaters, seams etc. Pretty much an ongoing project.

Reworked cities/locations * Ebonheart (major changes) * Ald Velothi (minor changes) * Dagon Fel (minor changes)

New Weapons * Dwemer dagger * Imperial dagger

Known issues / Problems * Credits, inform me if you feel that you should have credit for anything. Kinda easy to forget in the modding-spree. * Missing icon for the wooden shield & a few other unique weapons, I will fix this for the next version. * "This door is locked from the inside" - unfinished interiors - work in progress. * Pathgrids, as always let me know if there's any major issues.


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