The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Mod - Morrowind Rebirth v1.6



Patch Changes:


* Fixes a number of issues like the missplaced velothi tower outside Vivec, missing soundfiles for the swamp troll, a bunch of floaters and other small misstakes.

* Added a negative enhancement when using the Dagoth armor set. Each piece gives - 5 in personality. I would like to add a script making guards attack you when using it, but it's sadly out of my scope.

* You will no longer be able to run with lightning-speed at higher levels. You will be able to run pretty fast, but not close to vanilla.

* New enchatments for Kagrenac's Helmet and Morian Zenas Helmet.

* Found it kinda strange that you could posion dwemer constructs, paralyze them or even make them catch a disease? Well no longer. They're now immune to these effects. But due to the steam technology they're vulnerable against frost spells.

- Immune to shock - Immune to poison - Immune to paralyze - Immune to disease - Weakness to frost 60 %

* You are no longer able to enchant items, armor & weapons with Chameleon, Invisibility & Sanctuary. Overpowered enhancements that make the game to easy, simple as that. Landscapes/Locations

Exterior Changes * Removed floaters, missaligned stuff and texture seams all over the gameworld, but mainly around West Gash & Ascadian Isles. * I've tried to make the area around Seyda Neen more swampy with more trees', mushrooms & fern. * Further progress with the Gnaar Mok rebuild (still WIP, I hope to have something ready for 1.7) * Some small changes in Suran, Balmora, Gnisis, Caldera & Ebonheart. Mainly fixing floaters, broken pathgrids and such.

Interior changes: * New store (alchemist) in Pelagiad. * New warehouse in Buckmoth Legion Fort. * Reworked the Morag Tong HQ in Balmora. * New luxurious bedroom for duke Vedam Dren + some changes in the Grand Coucil Hall. * South Wall Cornerclub is now actually worth a visit and it looks like a real theives guild hideout.

+ A bunch of other additions & improvements. You'll have to see for yourself! New Armor & Weapon

* Thieves Guild Armor.

* Silver Bow Graphical

* New model & texture for the muffin.

* New texture for Roobrush & Chokeweed.

* New model for the Draugr Berserker. Music

* The Highlands, a new explorer track by Rich Douglas. Others

* There's a new folder included in 1.6 (New visual enhancements). This will contain several things that will improve Morrowind graphics in different ways, but mainly fixing broken vanilla meshes. You don't need these enhancements to run Morrowind Rebirth, they're opinial (and experimental)


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