The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Mod - Morrowind Rebirth v1.7



v 1.7


* Khajiits' now have a bonus in hand to hand combat due to thier sharp claws (10 p) * Raised the required soul value to create constant effect enchantment from 400 to 500. * The Dwemer artifact "Foeburner" now has a proper enchantment that deals fire damage. * Auriel's Bow & Shield are told to be the most powerful artifacts in Tamriel, but yet they have no enchantments? Well now they do. I based them mainly from the description in Daggerfall lore. * All new creatures have been rebalanced.

* New balanced equipment for Dark Brotherhood Assassins:

- Apprentice - Steel Dagger, Enchantment: Poisonous Sting, 2 dmg on touch, 12 charges. - Journeyman - Silver Dagger, Enchantment: Poisonous Sting, 4 dmg on touch, 10 charges. - Operator/Wetboy - Dwemer Dagger, Enchantment: Poisonous Sting, 6 dmg on touch,8 charges. - Punisher - Adamantium Dagger, Enchantment: Poisonous Sting, 8 dmg on touch, 6 charges. - Assassin - Glass Dagger, Enchantment: Poisonous Sting, 10 dmg on touch, 4 charges.

New creatures

* Dwarven Repair Bot * Frost Monarch * Treant (Unique)

New creature variations:

* Wolf Cub * Brown Bear Cub * Black Bear Cub

New Weapon

* Adamantium Dagger.

Landscapes & Locations

* Corrected a lot of floaters along the Bitter Coast. * New content in Pelagiad & Caldera. * Improved vertex shading in and around Pelagiad * A few landscape changes in Seyda Neen.


* New Trees' for the Grazelands * New improved mesh for the Ash Scorpion. * New meshes/textures for the Dwemer Armor/Dwemer encounters (Only in the extras folder) * New textures for the Thives guild armor, now a bit darker without the goldish details. * Improved meshes for Redoran Buildings (Only in the extras folder) * Fixed meshes for Boats (Only in the extras folder) * Fixed meshes for Daedric Ruins (Only in the extras folder)


* Esp cleaned of junk/duplicate cells.


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