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The Underground is an epic quest mod where you meet an attractive vampire of the op...


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This mod contains adult content


The Underground is an epic quest mod where you meet an attractive vampire of the opposite sex and go on a long adventure with them which puts you both in perilous situations that brings you together on a romantic, often funny, and very scary quest to save the world. It's called The Underground because it takes place largely underground in caves, caverns, dungeons, etc. Also there is a vampire/daemon bar called The Underground with the enterance in the Balmora sewers (which this mod adds.) It's packed with action, puzzles, traps, complex relationships, comedy, drama, thrills, dark themes, and of course, vampires! While not a "vampire mod" in the strictest sense, because it doesn't require you to be a vampire to play, vampires are the primary characters in the main plotline.


Hip, underground vampire society with a cool vampire/daemon nightclub and an Ogrim bartender. Whether your character is male or female, vampire or not, the mod takes that into account and adjusts the plot and dialog accordingly. A slowly evolving romance with a vampire of the opposite sex will blossom if you allow it. If successful relationship builds, the oportunity to ask them to be a permanant companion -with all the latest popular companion features like warp to you, skill raising, teleporting, etc. You may take the path of good or evil to complete the quest, though taking the evil path will undoubtably ruin your chances of any romance. Many new creatures are included. Huge underground caverns are included which will require brains as well as brawn to traverse. Unexpected plot twists, realistic dialog interactions, and choices which effect outcome are included. Fun side quests that can be done during and after the main quest. New playable faces. A lot of new clothes. New playable race, the Old Ones. Hybrid vampire race complete with sounds and NPC acknowledgement of race. Two faces for males, lots of faces for females. Most advanced companion scripts to date. A lot of really cool new NPC animations. A quest which is estimated to take about twice as long as the Morrowind Main Quest. Complex scripting which does things never before seen in Morrowind. Requirements:

Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Higher level (25+) player character Not recommended for children due to adult themes, disturbing imagery, nudity, and language. A semi-beefy machine - by this I mean relatively fast CPU, plenty of RAM, and good 3D graphics card. Recommended mods to use in conjunction: Better Bodies - This is not required, but highly recommended. The clothes worn by the NPCs are all Better Bodies compatible and may look weird on non-Better Bodies. Khalazza production's Visual Pack 2.11 and 2.2, and my Visual Pack XT - these are not required in the least, but I modded the game with them in use so the mod will look its best (in my opinion) with these mods running. If your player is a vampire: Vampires Embrace is highly recommended.

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