The Witchgirl Adventure

Hours of gameplay, a dangerous RESCUE MISSION, a strange ARTIFACT, ever-lasting COMPANIONSHIP, odd CHARACTERS and ROMANCE for male as well a...

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Hours of gameplay, a dangerous RESCUE MISSION, a strange ARTIFACT, ever-lasting COMPANIONSHIP, odd CHARACTERS and ROMANCE for male as well as female PC Characters - you'll find it all in the Witchgirl Adventure.

THIS IS A TRIBUNAL VERSION, INCLUDING SHARING OPTION AND WARPING MOVEMENT SCRIPT. A Morrowind version 1.0 is also available, but this will not be upgraded to ver 1.1.

THE WITCHGIRL: Tired of the lonely life as a Morrowind adventurer? Get enchanted by Morgana de Hex, the Ald'Ruhn witchgirl. She's a talkative Breton, who would just love to be your companion. And, apart from her short sword abilities, she knows a lot of useful magical tricks that surely makes her a worthy partner. Far from being your obedient slave, she has a rather lousy temper and might curse you from time to time. But you will soon find out that there are ways to make her as happy as a songbird, too... You'll find Morgana de Hex outside her house close to the Ald'Ruhn temple. Visit her home together with her, and she might even let you meet a very odd relative of hers... Morgana and her friends have DIFFERENT DIALOG OPTIONS depending on the sex of your PC Character. With a female character, Morgana will be your best friend, always ready to share a bottle of Skooma or lend you some money. With a male character, she might offer more than that - it you play your cards well, that is. PLEASE NOTE: Morgana has some very powerful magical abilities in her hands. If your have a low-level character, it might be wise NOT to let her summon something really nasty, as your character might get hurt or even killed by mistake. Luckily, you can give her detailed instructions about how to fight, and she will - hopefully - obey your orders.

THE ADVENTURE: After being properly introduced to a very special relative of Morgana's, you will be thrown into a story line that will take you all over the Morrowind isle. You will make new friends and new enemies, you will hear tales about lost artifacts, and you will encounter a person who might be a danger to all the people of Vvardenfell. At least 6-8 hours of gameplay lays ahead of you. Don't forget to talk to Morgana and her friends now and then. Certain circumstances might alter their standard greetings, and there might be information that you don't want to miss. You can complete the whole adventure on your own, leaving Morgana and her friends behind. But certain aspects of the adventure will be lost - such as romance, for instance. After finishing the adventures, some of the NPC's involved will be delighted to stay on as your companions (and perhaps more than that), forever and ever. You will also meet a new kind of Morrowind character - the NPC personal trainer, who will help you to develop your companion's abilities in whatever way you may choose.

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