This mod adds the treeger, a cross breed of A Khajiit and a tree (Basically a green Khajiit). They come with their own stats, powers, and sp...

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File Description

This mod adds the treeger, a cross breed of A Khajiit and a tree (Basically a green Khajiit). They come with their own stats, powers, and spells.

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The Treeger Update
by Lady Rae
This mod only requires Morrowind.
New stuff: 
	A mistake was made in the power "Strength of the Forest". It has now been corrected (thank you ThePenquin)
	I had incread Agility twice instead of Strength and Endurance. That has now been fixed. I apologize for any inconvience this may have caused you ^_^

	1 - Open the zipped file.
	2 - Decide if you want your Treegers with or without underwear
	3 - Open the appropriate folder and copy the Meshes and Textures to your Data Files folder
	4 - Copy the Treeger.esp file to your Data Files folder
	5 - If you want tails also copy TreegerTails.esp to your Data Files folder. This esp must be lower than the Treeger.esp in you mod list or weird things will happen. And believe me you don't want weird things to happen to you. Trust me. I know.
If I've messed up and put something where it doesn't belong, please let me know and I'll fix it and post a corrected version. (contact info at bottom of page.)

Known Problems:
	The tails are attached to the neck mesh. Thus if you put on something that also uses the neck mesh you'll become tailless.
	If you use the Underwear version with the tails, the tails will have a band of 'underwear' color about half-way down. Should anyone ask - just tell them that your tail is modest also.

I've also included a couple of screenshots for those of you who are interested. You're welcome to delete these - they aren't necessary for running the mod.


Now for the good stuff ^_^

Race: Treeger (male & female, better body Khajiit with both nude and permanent underwear versions, cat faces and ears, humanoid hair - thank you ReganInFrance)

A cross between a Khajiit and an Oak Tree, this unusual race has confounded anthropologists for generations. Although there has been much speculation as to how such a race could even exist, no one knows for certain just how they came into being. Males are reminiscent of the mighty oak while the females remind one of a slender willow.

Str: 	50 / 50 	They would be quite strong
Int: 	30 / 30 	But a little slow due to the wooden brain
Wil: 	40 / 40 	Good at resisting magic
Agi: 	30 / 30 	Not very agile
Spd: 	30 / 30 	Nor fast
End: 	50 / 50 	But they also have a lot of hit points.
Per: 	30 / 30 	They have a very wooden personality
Lck: 	50 / 50 	Moderately lucky.

	male: 	height: 1.10 	weight: 1.25
	female: 	height: 1.10 	weight: 1.00

	Eye of the Tree -- Night Eye 10% - Night Eye due to the Khajiit heritage, but not very good thanks to the trees.
	Treeger Abilities:
		weakness to blight type diseases
		resistance to regular disease
		weakness to fire.
		resistance to frost


Anthropologists believe that the Treeger is a cross between a Khajiit and a tree (thank you ThePenquin), however there are two conflicting theories as to how this cross-breeding occurred. 

1- The Dwemer have been known to do some strange experimentation, but a recently discovered race may be the strangest thing they've ever done. Only a few have been discovered, but it appears that they are a cross between a Khajiit and a tree created in the Dwemer labs. We'd ask the Dwemer why they did this or what they were thinking, but they appear to have all vanished.

2- As the Khajiit (high on moon sugar) explained to his wife "It's like this dear. I was wondering through the woods, gazing at the stars, when I thought I saw you beckoning. It wasn't until later that I realized it was actually an oak. Not that you look like.... noo.... don't hit me with the rolling pin.... auuuugh"
After the male Khajiit paid his little visit, an acorn fell into his 'deposit' and fertilized the acorn in new and wonderful ways causing the first of the Treegers to be conceived. (thank you Karpah)


Class: Ash Warrior
The Ash have always been considered the warriors of the Treekind. It is Ash that is used to make the stakes to kill vampires. It is Ash that is used to make the switches with which to discipline the naughty children. And it is Ash that is most frequently used for Gallows. At least these are the stories told by the Ash Tree Scouts when they sit around the Camp Not-Fires.

Major Skills: 				Minor Skills:
Blunt Weapons 				Sneak
Short Blades				Illusion
Light Armor				Security
Unarmored				Restoration
Alchemy					Athletics


Birthsign: The Catspaw (thank you Skinjack)
One night while gazing at the stars a young Khajiit noticed a new constellation in the heavens, quite different from any he'd ever seen before. As it turns out, nobody had ever seen it before and nobody, including the young Khajiit, has ever seen it since. Most believe it was just a vision from the Moon Sugar in which he'd been indulging, but there are those who know differently...

Powers: Strength of the Forest -- Increases the strength and endurance of the Treeger greatly for a short period of time. (thank you ReganInFrance)

Spells: Tall Tail -- a spell which paralyzes and charms the enemy due to the engrossing nature of the Tales the Treeger is capable of weaving. (thank you Pink Zebra)


 	First to my son who wanted a green Khajiit.
	Most importantly to ReganInFrance who graciously offered to do the hard part and did all the texturing.
	To ThePenquin who helped me to flesh out the ideas.
	I would also like to thank PinkZebra, Karpah and SkinJack for their much welcome additions to the race. (See the readme for specifics.)
	Last, but most certainly not least, I'd like to than Niels for the EXTENSIVE task of making sure everything was working correctly.

	ReganInFrance:		Textures
	Erstam 			seamless BB meshes 
	AlienSlof	 		White tiger/Black Panther hair meshes, the stripes and the face textures
	The entire BB team	BB meshes (and actually the whole concept of the Better Bodies - they really are better than Bethesda's)
	Fariel from the BB team	Skin Textures

	To the best of my knowledge, anything in this mod can be used as long as credit is given in the readme’s. If that should change I’ll post an updated readme to reflect that.

	Or on the Elder Scrolls official forum.

Thank you for giving this a try. I’ve never had quite so much fun creating a mod for Morrowind as I have this one. And it was because I created it with the help of the people on the forum. Thank you to you all.

Lady Rae

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