Unofficial Tribunal Ending Movie

That's right another movie mod from W4rbird. :D This one is is for Tribunal, and is integrated into the game itself (as opposed to seperate...


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That's right another movie mod from W4rbird. :D This one is is for Tribunal, and is integrated into the game itself (as opposed to seperate as Bird's other movies were). When you leave the temple at the end of the main quest, and Azura appears the movie springs into action. The video contains a recollection of the events that led up to where you are now. Azura continues speaking as the movie plays, and once the video ends, and Azura finishes talking, the credits roll! Unfortunately, this is the last mod we'll be seeing from Mr. Bird. I think we all thank him for his contribution to the modding community, and I personally thank him for being the only person for a long time now to mod Morrowind, (the greatest RPG of all time) on this site!

Download and enjoy, this fab-u-lous video:p!


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Download 'unoff_tr_end_movie.exe' (22.76MB)

A TES III: Morrowind Miscellaneous 
TITLE: Unofficial Tribunal Ending Movie
AUTHOR: W4rbird

FILENAME: unoff_tr_end_movie.exe
FILESIZE: 22,7 MB (7-zipped)
DATE RELEASED: 1st June 2007

-> Klaus Badelt - music;
-> RAD Video Tools - Bink and Smacker;
-> Bethesda Softworks - creators of TES3: Morrowind and all it's expansions.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Run the file (file extractor) and point the location of your Morrowind main directory. The default is C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind.  Then hit ‘Extract’ button. Launch Morrowind and in 'Data Files' section find and select 'Unofficial Tribunal Ending Movie.esp' plugin. Hit 'OK' and you're done.

DESCRIPTION: Ok, this is my last, really. Well, first, I understand this modification might be hard to test out, but I gurantee it works. When you kill Almalexia and return to Mournhold, exit from the temple to it’s coutryard. Azura will appear. She’ll say one sentence and then a new ending movie will start! I was litlle disappointed that in the the original game, there wasn’t any cutscene (even that I was knowing that during installation of game), no prerendered video or just cutscene made on game engine. But, oh well... Now you should be satisfied :) The video consists of most events player were taking part in his/her past of Tribunal. When video fade in, Azura continues her speech and after that the credits vid start (yes, it seems guys from Bethesda were constantly forgetting about that – end of game without credits?) and after that you are free to go (hoorray :P). Of course you can skip any of those vids at any time. Enjoy.

MOVIE TIME: 1 mins and 5 secs
MOVIE SIZE: 640x480, 32 bpp, 25 frames per second

PROGRAMS USED: GameCam v1.4.0.5, Audacity 1.2.4b, Pinacle Studio v9.4 SE, RAD Video Tools’ Bink and Smacker v1.8d/4.2a.

COMMENT: If you desire to watch this video without completing the game just download Bink and Smacker ( handy proggie. File extensions like .bik and .smk will be automatically associated with B&S and you will be able to watch this vid even without running that proggie. 

In no way am I responsible for whatever damage this can cause to your computer (but, honestly I doubt it). If you use any part of this file, please make sure you ask for my persmission, before releasing it.

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