VIR Wood Elves



This mod adds the VIR Wood Elves, a kind of purple-bluish Elven race. The race is very skilled in magic, but is very weak when it comes to physical skills such as melee combat. It also comes with robes to match, which can be worn by other races if you wish.



VIR Wood Elves
by Lady Rae

Based on an idea for a race by lochnarus and concept robes by Psymoniser.
These were to be a part of loch's mod El-Auri that has since been cancelled.
At his request and Psymon's, I'm releasing the race and the robes.

I don't really have a background story for them, so feel free to make something up that suits you.
The little critters are high in magic but weak in the physical. This is a race only, no class or birthsigns.
There is a barrel just outside of the lighthouse in Seyda Neen which has the three robes. 


Unzip the files and put them into the appropriate folders...
Icons in the Icons\VIR folder
Meshes in the Meshes\VIR folder
Textures in the Textures\VIR folder
.esp in the Data Files folder.
Readme and pictures can be kept or discarded at your whim. ^_^

If you unzip the file directly into the Data Files folder it should work just fine.

Credits and Usage

Concepts: lochnarus, Psymoniser
Heads, Hair & Bodies: Don Salus, Eternaum, iReni, Wormgod, RavynAngel, Andy!, qarl, Revenance
Clothing Meshes: NioLiv

This is a modders' resource. Feel free to use this as you want. If you alter anything, please change the name of the Meshes, Icons and Textures involved in the change as well as in the Construction Set. This is only so that our mods don't mess each other up. ^_^

I can be contacted at [email protected] or on the Elder Scrolls forum as - amazingly enough - Lady Rae ^_^


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