Vvardenfell Druglord

I guess we've all been needing some of this... Quests!

Yes indeed, this mod adds a number of quests involving the all-mighty skooma! :D...

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File Description

I guess we've all been needing some of this... Quests!

Yes indeed, this mod adds a number of quests involving the all-mighty skooma! :D And as you all know, skooma is good for body and mind. ;) Anyhow, it's a pretty neat mod for all you who wants to smoke skooma with your character, but could never do it properly in-game.

But now you can! And you can even make your own skooma! Yes, this mod rewards you with your very own skooma lab, so now you can manufacture, deal, and smoke!

What are you waiting for? Go get it, now! :D

- Ryuku.

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    The Elder Scrolls III
      Vvardenfell Druglord



1. Description
2. Installation
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Features
5. Version
6. Conflicts
7. Thanks
8. Copyright
9. Ramblings




      TITLE:  Vvardenfell Druglord
      VERSION: 2.0

      PLUG-IN TYPE:    Quest/Buildings
      BASE FILE(S):    Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm
      BY:      The Mighty Fliggerty (aka Dracostar)
      CONTACT:  Codye76@hotmail.com
A series of quests involving the operation of an illegal skooma lab.  This
mod involves the skooma production process, the political aspects of becoming
a druglord, and the legal problems involved.
This mod was originally intended to be an "entrepenuer/business" mod, but managed
to become a lot more.  After all the quests are done, you have the option to automate
the lab, making it entirely self sufficient...all you have to do is stop every once in
a while and collect your money.




To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files




From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
next to the Vvardenfell Druglord.esp file. Go to the No Name Club in the
Hlaalu canton in Vivec.  It's not going to be an easy fight, I recommend at
least level 20 character.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, I highly recommend cleaning your save game with Wrye Mash. 
When I neglected this in my testing, there were times the doubling and missing references made it absolutely unplayable.  But Wrye Mash can fix that. 




-- Operate a functioning skooma and moon sugar lab.  Using alchemical ingredients and modified dwemer
machinery make all of the skooma you can handle.

-- Perform quests to secure your place as the undisputed druglord in Morrowind.

-- Skooma Addiction!  I borrowed and modified scripts from Maxim's Skooma Addiction 2.0.  Now when you take skooma,
or the new and improved refined skooma, there is a 33% chance that you will get addicted to it.  Once addicted,
you have to have a daily fix, or you get withdrawal symptoms.  But if you make it 14 days without a fix, you can
kick the habit!

-- Buy large quantities of sujamma, shalk resin, fire salts, frost salts, glass, and ebony from specialized brewers, farmers, miners, etc.

-- Purchase a Pack Guar to carry your product to your customers.

-- Use skooma pipe to smoke moon sugar, skooma, refined skooma, and hackle-lo leaf.




Changes made in v2.0

-- Moved Skooma lab in order to be compatible with The Farmer Mod by Josh (XeonXT on the TES Forums.)

-- Revamped the skooma pipe scripts. It now uses an entirely different method, so there will be no more instances of the effects not going away.  You can also now use it again while the effects from its previous use are still present.

-- Fixed landscape problem resulting in ugly square box in the Ascadian Isles and the Molag Amur Region.

-- Revamped scripts controlling attack from Dren's thugs and the ordinators.

-- Revamped quite a bit of Red's dialogue.

-- Bereno Nodin no longer moves to the skooma lab.  Instead a fast-travel NPC has been placed near the skooma lab, and one near Hla Oad.

-- Changed equation controlling final weekly income, making possible amount more realistic.

-- Fixed "Expression Error Left Eval" in Ordinator scripts.

-- Fixed early journal entry when killing Galos Yen before quests start.

-- Added stairs outside of lab to fit in better with new location.

-- Fixed quest breaking greeting that was not showing up after ordinator raid.

-- Changed skooma crates to sujamma crates in the sujamma brewery.

-- Made the greenhouse outside of the sujamma brewery big enough for the PC to enter.  Also made the brewery accessible from inside the greenhouse, rather than in a cave next to it.

-- Fixed quest breaking dialogue error involving Berel Sala and Havam.

-- Numerous other dialogue changes; repaired conditions, changed wording, and removed redundant topics.

Changes made in v1.7

-- Fixed dialogue condition resulting in part of a quest being started early, entirely breaking all quests.

Changes made in v1.6

-- Repaired bug with skooma pipe that caused effects to be permanent.

-- Added addiction possibility to skooma pipe.

-- Changed several dialogue/info/results bugs related to Red Bineran.  ( Version 2.0 will include entirely revamped dialogue for Red.)

-- Fixed a scripted journal result when Red gets killed.

-- Included Skooma Anonymous add-on in zip file to prevent load-order problems.

Changes made in v1.5

-- Finally fixed addiction script (infinite thanks to ps33!!!)

-- Skooma pipes can actually be used to smoke things with, rather than as an alchemical apparatus.

-- Fixed tapestry placement in skooma lab.

Changes made in v1.4

-- Changed NPC disposition error when Red moved to lab.

-- Fixed conditions for dialogue topic "tell you."

-- Changed tapestries inside lab to look better with Leeloo's Tapestries.

-- Added miscellaneous items to add visual detail to interior of lab.

Changes made in v1.3

-- Fixed possible quest breaking dialogue result error when talking to Red.

-- Added a few asthetic improvements.

Changes made in v1.2

-- Fixed addiction script that allowed player to become addicted when strength increased.

-- Fixed dialogue result error when talking to Red. 

Changes made in v1.1

-- Fixed script error that sometimes broke income script.

-- Changed AI wander settings for guards.

-- Various dialogue info/responses (syntax, grammar, conditions.)

I hope you'll enjoy playing this mod. Please direct comments, suggestions,
bug reports, questions to : Codye76@hotmail.com




I have tried to avoid any conflicts with any common mods.  I may have missed something
here or there, if I did please let me know!

--A minor conflict I know about is with Zennorious' Regionally Known Criminals. 
Nothing major, just ends up saving you some money.  I intend to eventually include a
compatability plugin.

--Maxim's Skooma Addiction 2.0.  Not much of a conflict as I did change all script and variable names.
Both can be played together, but you run the risk of getting addicted to skooma twice at once!

--Of course there will be a major conflict with Anubis' Skooma Lab.  Since this is, after all, just an expansion and addition to his (with some other changes here and there for functionality and atmosphere.)


    7. THANKS


Too many right now.  Still compiling the list.
But to start it off:

Anubis: making the original Skooma Lab mod that was the basis of the inspiration.
GrayskiesRooster: play testing and some great suggestions!
Enmesharra: some amazing scripting help (isn't she great?)
Niddler: some scripting help
Qarl: borrowed a head and some hair
Schwaa: borrowed a potion texture and mesh
Maxim: Skooma Addiction 2.0, inspiration and borrowed scripts. 
Dave Humphrey: came to my rescue with scripting help when I just couldn't get a PC addicted!
Galsiah: came to my rescue when I couldn't prevent a PC from getting addicted! (along with Enmesharra)
ps33: for nitpicking this mod to pieces...wouldn't have found some bugs otherwise!
Bryss Phoenix and the rest of the Summit staff: for being the Summit staff!!!!!
Master Chief Fain: for doing some extensive testing for me.
More to come




This plugin is freely distributable and modifiable, as long as this readme
file accompanies it and credit is given to the original author. But please remember
that not everything here is my work.  Refer to section 7.THANKS.  By downloading
and running this plugin, you acknowledge the following :

- You have read and understood this readme file.
- You acknowledge that the author of this plugin accepts no responsibility for
  damage to your game saves, operating system, computer, etc,
  when using this plugin.




First of all, I can't put in all of the thanks I want to...the internet doesn't have enough room for that file.  Every time I had a problem I was stumped with, it only took posting on the Elder Scrolls Forums to get it solved.  I have had so much help...it truly is a "community."  They say it takes a village to raise a child, I think it takes a village to produce a mod!

Secondly, and I hope this section grows over time, but I want to add a list of mods that work nicely with this one.  Yacoby's Drug Realism is a nifty little thing that I have come to love.  It changes the bartering aspects of the MW drug scene.  I understand it's a work in progress...so keep checking on it!  I also recommend The Farmer Mod by Josh.  Even though it doesn't have anything to do directly with skooma or any other drugs, I did go out of my way to make this compatible with it.  So get it and play it so you don't waste my time!

There are a few ideas I have had that I am planning on creating in the next little while. 
I hope to dynamically affect the way that illegal drugs are handled in MW.  Both with the way NPC's react, and with immersive story.  After all, few things are as immersive as being a junkie!


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