White Senches

A new type of Khajiit has hit Morrowind! Whiter, cooler, faster, better than ever before this race is a real must-have!

Believe me on thi...

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File Description

A new type of Khajiit has hit Morrowind! Whiter, cooler, faster, better than ever before this race is a real must-have!

Believe me on this, the only thing better than 1 Senche is 2! Get it Now and re-live your Morrowind Expirence!

Morrowind will never be the same again, truse me ;)

Game On!

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

KRS_WSen "White Senches"
Release, Version 1.3
1. Installation
2. Modifications
3. Saved Games
4. Special notes
5. Credits
1. Installation

Unzip and extract the file to your "The Elder Scrolls III" directory,
or whichever directory has your "Data Files" folder in it. A message
box will appear, informing you that the folder is of the same name 
and may overwrite some files. Say "Yes" to this message box and continue. 
You will receive similar messages regarding "Texture", "Meshes" and 
"Icons" folders- agree to these individually, or simply hit "Yes to all"

If these message boxes DO NOT appear, then you have done something
wrong and should check your directories. Make sure that you are
unzipping/extracting all files to your "The Elder Scrolls III" directory,
and NOT into your "Data Files" folder. If this happens, you will now
have a "Data Files" folder INSIDE your original folder (of the same
name). Simply select that folder, press CTRL and X (which will "cut"
the folder") and back out of your directory until the "Data Files" 
folder appears. Then hit CTRL and V to paste, and you should receive
the messages described above.

2. Modifications

Since this is more of an overhaul than an update, I'll just list what's
included here:

-Minor edits where "Khajiits" come up in dialogue, especially greetings
category and "Khajiit" topic. This is done to ammend statements such as
"ONLY the Suthay-raht inhabit Vvardenfell." In many instances, these topics
say that (Only) the standard Khajiit is "common" - these have been left alone.
Only topics implying that standard Khajiits EXCLUSIVELY inhabit Morrowind
have been changed.

-Dialogue topic "White Senche"(s?) added. Savants and learned folk (and
the white khajiits themselves) can tell you something about their race.

-Dialogue topic "Jhirl robes" added. Velvet can explain what those are.

-Voice layouts added. All voice schemes have been placed at the very bottom
of each voice category, to limit impact.

-"KRS_WSen_RaceCheck" Script placed in Startup Scripts to check player race.
If White Senche is chosen, Player Race is set to 6, the game default for Khajiit.

-Added NPC "Velvet" to the Urshiliku camp - she sells the two jhirl robes
included with the mod.

-Added NPC "Rikke" to Ald Velothi Outpost tunnel - he sells the armor.

-This plugin should not invalidate your saved games. If you save a game with
White Senches enabled, then disable the plugin, you'll get errors (especially
if you're playing a white senche!), but except in the latter category you
should still be able to play your game.

3. Saved Games

With the exception of the possible conflicts named above,
this plugin should be safe for all saved games. Precaution is
advised however: I recommend copying and backing up your saved
game(s) before enabling this plugin.

4. Special notes:

Enchanted Editor was used to clean this mod. To the best of my knowledge,
it's about as pristine as a mod can get.

5. Credits

All retexturing done by me, Kieve. Various meshes used for new heads & hair.
Credits below. The plugin is available to all. This mod may be redistributed
free of charge for use in any mod, provided this text file goes with it. 
Obviously, I am not responsible for any changes you make to the files.
Uploading to other sites: Please contact me BEFORE uploading to any other
file distribution sites.

Other credits:
Rhedd & Allerleirauh
Neuman & the BB team
Gorg & Anthrax

If I've forgotten anyone, it's not intentional. Contact me below and I'll see
that proper credit is given where it's due.

And a special thanks to everyone who's been following this project these last
few months!

Contact me...
...On the ES forums: Kieve
...via AIM: Kieve KRS
...via e-mail: krsmodworks@yahoo.com

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