WSen 1.3 Physique Resource Pack

Modders resource pack, which has phisiqued hair!

But really nice nonetheless. Minor clipping here and there, and they're designed for BB...

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File Description

Modders resource pack, which has phisiqued hair!

But really nice nonetheless. Minor clipping here and there, and they're designed for BB (Better Bodies mod). And beast races.

Read the readme for more info .. ;)

- Ryuku.

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KRS_WSen 1.3 Resource
1. Installation
2. File List
3. Known Issues
4. Usage & Credits
1. Installation

This is a Resource-Only mod. The files necessary for testing and
retexturing are provided, but are not set up for extraction.

For those unlearned in the ways of TESCS:
.NIF - these files go in your meshes directory
.DDS - these go in the textures directory
.BMP - these show the UVMaps on the meshes included, as references
when making your own textures

2. File List

Hairs: All hairs are Full Alpha Channel Enabled, and physiqued.
All use the same UVMap, although two TX's are provided (because
of the change in ear texture between male & female Senches)

F_Hr01.nif - A simple long-hair mesh with sideburns and bangs.
The sides of the hair are a little wider and higher, to
prevent clipping with commonly-used head meshes (IE:Rhedd's)

F_Hr02.nif - A long-hair mesh with sideburns that come down over the
front of the shoulders. Again, female version is a little wider
and higher to prevent clipping.

M_Hr01.nif - The male version of F_Hr01. Slightly narrower on the sides.

M_Hr02.nif - The male version of F_Hr02. Slightly narrower on the sides.

Feet: Designed and physiqued to be BB-compatible.

F_ftP.nif - Female version. More slender, especially at the toes
M_ftP.nif - Male version. Wider and thicker.

3. Known Issues

  Clipping - Despite my best efforts, there is some clipping when the head
bends at extreme angles. This is noticeable mainly on beast
races, when crouching for magicka or combat while looking upwards.

  Alpha - As with most Alpha-channeled items, Morrowind's engine tends to
"overwrite" overlapping alpha-channels, rendering some sections
invisible. More obvious on Hr01 mesh.

  Race Selection Menu - For whatever reason, physiqued hairs don't show up
in the race selection menu in-game. They're best used on NPCs, but
if you make them playable, understand that you [will] be doing some
guess-work when you make your character.

  BB Compatibility - The feet were designed with Better Bodies in mind,
but are not seamless with the ankle. More importantly, they are
BEAST-RACE physiqued. Serious glitching will occur if used on
an upright humanoid (non-beast) NPC.

4. Usage & Credits

GO WILD! This resource is free to use any way you like. Caveats:
-CREDIT ME. Use a mesh or a TX? My name better be in the readme. wink.gif
-NO MODIFYING THE ORIGINAL MESH. If you feel the need to tweak the mesh
itself, e-mail or message me and I'll provide you with .3DS or
.MAX files for your own use. And I'll still want an honorable
mention in the readme of your mod. wink.gif

All meshes and textures are 100% original KRS ModWorks material. However,
I owe a big thanks to:
Phijama - For helping me figure out alpha channels
Braddock - For the physique tutorial (missed a step, btw)
Rhedd - The hair meshes were modeled for compatibility, after all
Neuman & the BB team - The foot meshes were modeled for compatibility
Ireni - for the inspiration, and for setting a new high-bar on my work

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