Ymsidril Armor

This mod was originally intended as a quest mod, but this was abandoned. Vagabond instead gave us what he had already completed- These exce...

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File Description

This mod was originally intended as a quest mod, but this was abandoned. Vagabond instead gave us what he had already completed- These excellent armors. They come in two colors- A black outlined with gold and a red outlined with gold. It also comes with shields and a wide array of excellent scimitars.

Overall, this mod is excellent- I still use these armors to this day.

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Order of Ymsidril Armour v1.0

9 one handed long scimitars
1 two handed longer scimitar
4 defensive shorter scimitars
2 ornate unique shields
2 full sets of armour

The armour is currently lying on the crates on the raised platform at the silt strider port in Gnisis with the shield and a few weapons, the other sets are near the temple as are the rest of the weapons.


Unzip to Morrowind/Data Files - the folder path is correct.


The shield clips with the PC head whilst doing a slash attack. It also clips slightly with the pauldron when running. I can't do anything about that without changing the shield alot. Other than that, these are quite high poly models so I'm not sure the effect on fps on slower machines. Watch for helmet clipping too - its the same helmet mesh under the plates as the WarMaster.

Me :-) (all the sword meshes and textures, the pauldrons and shield are entirely my own work)
Soulshade for the original helmet mesh
Bethesda Softworks
All my friends and associates in the modding community for all their patience, input, and support over the last year.

Although this is not a resource, if you wish to retexture any of this stuff, go right ahead. All I ask is due credit - its nice to be remembered eh?

All the best to all of you...

Chris ([email protected])

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