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Quest Mods The Lost Spires - Cleaned Up Scribe Store Ruins

This mod adds some realism to the way Rhea Miro's Scribe Services building (added by The Lost Spires) is handled in Leyawiin. Before the...


Dungeons and Areas Imperial Palace Improvement Mod

The purpose of this mod is to make the Imperial Palace Alive and complete. I feel this place was very neglected by bethesda. The emperor doe...


Modifications Available Arcane Enchanters

Welcome to the forty-fourth installment of my Oblivion Immersion Series.  It baffles me that Oblivion locks away access to enchaining a...


Modifications Khettienna's Mini-Mods

I make a lot of... um, stuff.  Most of what you will find here are tiny mods I've made over the years to suit my own in-game prefer...


Dungeons and Areas Govan - Ayleid Abode

This mod places a small Ayleid home east of Malada hidden in the hills. Contains a bed, enchanting and spellmaking, switching lights, and an...


Modifications Oblivion Upscaled Textures (OUT)

4x on ALL textures. Also include 2x version. Used ESRGAN models on separated alpha and RGB. Also some waifu2x. Should look like vanilla, but...


Modifications Living Imperial Palace

There was a day long ago, when I thought that lonely Ocato sitting in his chair is one of the most sad things to see while playing Oblivion....


Weapon and Armor The Pinky's Mauler Experiment Beta

I always seem to want what I can't find. This time, it is a weapon that acts like a torch. I am posting this for posterity's sake.Th...


Dungeons and Areas Vvardenfell Expanded - Fort Moonmoth

This mod is an alteration mod to the original look of Fort Moonmoth. For those who feel the fort was not large enough or had an issue of the...


Modifications Simple Imperial City Exterior Lighting Expansion

This mod adds many streetlights all around the Imperial City to improve the lighting and atmosphere of the Imperial City at night. Vanilla I...


Modifications Sewer House

This will add a house in the sewers in the imperial market is the sewers beside the hallowed stump. It includes 3 weapon rack a...


Modifications Ultimate Leveling

Oblivion has many elements for making a great RPG, like classes, skills, attributes, etc. However, character levelling has a few issues this...


Modifications Darker & Regal Imperial City

This mod makes Cyrodiil look a little more like the lore explains it should, exceedingly rich and wealthy, gold all over, dark deep reds and...


Weapon and Armor Vanilla Armor Revamped - Daedric

Mesh replacer for daedric armor and weapons that makes them a lot better without the hassle of an esp for maximum compatibility.


House Mods Anoicaar

Anoicaar was a mod I started way back when the Shivering Isles was first released. There weren't too many houses around, so I thought I&...


Modifications NewCity_SI_PassWall

This is a mod for Pasval which makes changes to lighting, making the town look much better than the vanilla game. There's also other enh...


NPC and Creature Additions Beautiful Darkelf Kim In Sook

One of my characters I made starting at lvl 1. She already has a house and armor/clothes in the house to start off with. You need Shivering...


NPC and Creature Additions Arwen Companion for Companion Share & Recruit

This mod by Tchos adds the companion Arwen from The Lord of The Rings to the game. You will need two other mods for this to work, this...


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Modifications Champions of Light

traditional Paladins and Priests, with powers appropriate to those roles. Only use this mod if you wish to play one of these types. INSTALL...


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Modifications The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod - Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project v0.2.6b

Play races like Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves and take part in the War of the Ring.


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Modifications Croat and Serb Medieval Armors

we'd all like?Permission for funnyjunkie89 to upload on Tes Nexus is granted.The armors could be found at The Best Defense.Hrvatski i Srpski...


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Modifications The Imperial Waters

lights effects, along the inner walls of the Imperial City districts.Indeed, have you already asked where come the water of the ponds, in th...


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Modifications Morahirs Oblivion Companions

background.When ever I make a mod I always end up adding companions to it so this time I desided why not lets just make a mod with only comp...


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Modifications Nehrim: At Fate's Edge (Russian) Client

Now, after four years of development goes Nehrim, complete conversion of TES IV Oblivion. In fact, it is almost independent game, built on i...


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Modifications Nehrim Full Installer (DE) German Version

Total Conversion for Oblivion Nehrim At Fates Edge is a finished Total Conversion for The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. It is a world in which...


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Modifications The Crimson Queen

Version 2.1. An odd man has been lurking around Cheydinhal, looking for someone to do some dangerous work.


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Modifications Ziras Horse Stable

Ziras Horse Stable opened in near Skingrad. It is possible to buy new horses. The horses: not wander, essential, their speed is equal to the...


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Modifications Insanity's Oblivion Launcher

Insanitys Oblivion Launcher or ISOBL for short is an application designed to effortlessly launch multiple applications with a simple click o...


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Modifications The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion mod The Lost Realms V1.1

This update should fix any problems with portals not working and land masses not showing up. It aslo contains a new realm called the floater...


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Modifications Oblivion mod The Urchin Isles ALPHA

The first mod from Tale and Lore, "The Urchin Isles" places the user in a world of piracy and underworld crime known to the men fortunate en...


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Modifications Merged Weapons and Armors mod

I started to make this mod because there is a limit of how many mods you can use inthe game (according to my information 255), and there are...


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Modifications Feldscar

A small Nordic village in the lower Jerall Mountains, north of the Frostcrag area. Black Rock Inn serves as the primary means of local suppo...


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Modifications Farleum v1.2

Travel to a new land west of Tamriel where the Dwarfs, Ayleids and even humans once came from. You will arive in Carten, the most eastern pr...


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Modifications Unstoppable Blade Version1

A blade added to the Bravil buyable house.


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Modifications Apachii Goddess Store v.1.4 Full

~ Goddess Store ~ for your Exnem GoddessAdds a shop with master trainer merchant Goddesses that sells armors,clothes,itemsand weapons. Autho...


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Modifications Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion - Hanchel Training Hovel

A first time mod, this is a player-owned house that's very basic. Read below for more information on what this mod contains.


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Modifications SPAWN 0.2.7

Simple Place-Centric Augmentative respaWNs. Different cells have different respawn times that are completely independent of the global respa...


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Modifications Arena Champions House V1.0

This mod is a strater mod. Ever felt that you have been underpaid when reaching the top? Ever thought "Hey I want more?" Yes? Well this is t...


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Modifications Exanimis Hera set

This mod adds a dagger, a shortsword and a longsword to the base of the statue in the IC market district.


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Modifications Valus Cottage v1.0

For many tens of years, there has been a secret route between Morrowind and Cyrodiil. A route known only to the Thieves and smugglers called...


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Modifications Adaman Fortress

Long ago on a continet across the oceans, a nation was born from chaos. It was called the Nexus, ruled by five of the strongest warlords in...


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Modifications Shaolin outfit

This mod is for four_string_samurai or anyone who wants a martial arts outfit.


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Modifications Exanimis Elemental Shortswords

This is a modders resource as well as a playable mod. The esp adds three enchanted shortswords to an Aylied cask in the IC Market district....


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Modifications Slof's Reznod Mannequin Retexture

When Reznod first made his mannequins mod, I made the textures for them. This was back in the days when I was still figuring out Oblvion mod...


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Modifications Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Midas Magic Spells of Aurum v990

This mod adds over 290 new and unique spell types. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks. 6


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Modifications Artifacts

This mod adds the building of "The Collectors Society" Guild to the game (on isle south of Imperial City). Eight NPCs are there with plenty...


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Modifications Portable Altars

This mod adds portable altars of spellmaking and enchanting in four styles each.


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Modifications Robert's Male Body v4

Again here's a probably final version of my male body mesh replaces the V3 version.


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Modifications Cyrodiil Economic Overhaul

The Cyrodiil Economic Overhaul (CEO) is an attempt to make the economy of Cyrodiil closer to a 'real world' economy.


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Modifications Independent Camera aka Puppet Mod

Technically, this mod provides alternative keys to move the player with free camera on.


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Modifications The Lost Chapel

Just over the border of Blackwood stands a ruined chapel forgotten by time. This is a simple edit to the chapel location used in the KFChape...


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Modifications 28 days Extra- Bravil

This mod adds a safe house in bravil with a trapdoor that leads to the inner slayers Den complete with gaurds, a supplier, traps, and a trai...


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Modifications Scripted Chillrend v2

Well, I was disappointed by chillrend after risking your life to save the two boys and all you get is a short sword with a little ice damage...


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Modifications Robert's Female Body

Here's the first version of my female body replacer. It's fully working though it's work in progress.


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Modifications Hexratt Cliff Jumpers

Have you ever wanted to jump off Dive Rock? Now you can.


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Modifications MERP - There And Back Again - Trailer - Middle-Earth is open...

Download the latest trailer from the Middle-Earth mod! - Middle-Earth is open, and you can move in it...


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Modifications Lore Dialogue 300 Updated

This mod is an update to Cleitanious' excellent 300 Lore Dialogue mod that was released two years ago.


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Modifications 28Days Extra-Skingrad

This is the 3rd in the series of 28Days extra mods.


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Modifications GothFreaks Celtic Rings and Blade

This mod adds a sword and Rings of various colorations.You may find the sword in "A Fighting Chance" and the rings in "Red Diamond Jewelry"...


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Modifications Underground City

This mod adds two things; a small keep in the Jeral Mountains and an underground city below it.