The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

After the mysterious and untimely death of the Emperor, the throne of Tamriel lies empty. With the Empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land - laying waste to...

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Skills Advance Faster GrimRaider 22KB 58
Oblivion Itemizer spike1000 796KB 47
Bogdan's Bruma House GrimRaider 5.05MB 62
All Natural - Weather Arthmoor 82.42MB 318
All Natural - Weather Arthmoor 124.78MB 198
TES IV INI AnZap 1.48MB 48
The Eagles Trail MrMyers 2KB 175
Vincents Exotic Potion Shop BanishedFox 6KB 66
The Town of Bartholm J.Sera. 86.34MB 513
Open ANY door Fireshooter 365B 124
Box of Key's Fireshooter 9KB 115
Kvatch Aftermath giskarduk44 36.85MB 314
Mages Guild Suspension Chest Fireshooter 735B 61
Crowl of Gray Fox Without bounty's Fireshooter 2KB 49
Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul giskarduk44 33.6MB 163
Origin of the Mages Guild giskarduk44 26.32MB 149
The Elder Council: Temple of the One giskarduk44 1.51MB 143
The Necromancer giskarduk44 39MB 122
KF Lightning Swords Floydian1 1.93MB 379
BAB KF Shortdresses Floydian1 14MB 274
KF Mage Items Floydian1 4.94MB 206
UFF Twilight Assassin Floydian1 10.96MB 355
Daedric Weapons And Armor Normal Map Replacer Lokgarr 2.16MB 91
Kalia & Floydian1's BAB Clothing Floydian1 78.54MB 411
Dark Adventuress Bow Set Floydian1 1.7MB 428
UFF Spirit Bast White Floydian1 7.77MB 131
UFF Slof's Giger Armor Floydian1 7.65MB 460
Soulshade Dragonslayer Floydian1 4.11MB 559
Counters cool weps Countercruel 2KB 95
Knight and bandit v1 Countercruel 2KB 51
Mace of Glory Countercruel 3KB 50
Kvatch Aftermath Giskard 35.54MB 479
KF Chapel Shop Floydian1 96.68MB 568
Alexscorpion's Deadly Shadows AlexScorpion 9.79MB 271
The Hidden Grotto combatdoc 7.75MB 97
Absentis Altura and GOM triple mod pack SilverBluu 4.16MB 223
Abandoned House Rebuild swiszor 10KB 145
Ashes to Ashes ZeroKool 1.69MB 144
Origin of the Mages Guild - (cleaned) ZeroKool 26.49MB 502
Absentis Recedentia Villa SilverBluu 862KB 171
Rammen - A Quest Mod Eibbor 6.74MB 97
Geoth and Dragnite Races TheEvilKadowCrab 86KB 51
Altura Superiores Manor SilverBluu 2MB 325
Armoured Imperial Patrols RelicKylias 5KB 236
More Nords With Beards CELTICDOG 6.5MB 359
Alagaesian Elf ztr777 1KB 231
CS OBSE Script Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++ 5.0.3 HawkFest 23KB 164
A Provost of the Nine Divines HawkFest 15.78MB 654
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.32f Oscuro, dev_akm, MadCat221 75.31MB 1638
Otherworld Episode 1 Beta Sheogorath 102.7MB 265