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[b]Hello Grimdeath, welcome to TESFiles.[/b] Hello TESFiles. [b]1. The "Myths and Legends Weapons" mod is one of the most popular on the site. Did you ever expect it to become what it is?[/b] MaL version 1 was the first "big" mod I was able to contribute to, and only my second published mod at that time; it was a fun project created and designed mostly by Templargfx with some help by me. We are happy to announce that it it has now reached over 20,000 total downloads from all of our mirrors. I never expected this much attention from it but I'm very excited about the amount of support we've received and the only thing I can say is that Version 2 will blow you away. [b]2. Could you please give our readers who are unfamiliar with your work a brief description of the mods you have released, and what makes them so special and unique?[/b] WelI I'm definatly good at keeping busy. I'm always getting asked if I sleep because I'm constantly working on this or that project. Here is a list of some of the mods I've created or worked on: Myths and Legends - I did the textures for this great mod. It offers a wide variety of weapons that are hidden throughout the world of Oblivion. You must read stories and follow subtle clues to find their locations. The Tang Mo Custom Race - The Tang Mo race is my newest and biggest personal project. I'm a HUGE fan of TES lore and noticed the lack of lore-based mods so I've created the Monkey people from akavir. The newest version features two breeds of Tang Mo, a huge set of samurai based armor, Elaborate Eyes resources, and a very special NPC. Pink Glass Armor - I came across a request thread one day by a guy trying to get his lady friend back into Oblivion. She wanted hot pink colored glass armor and I made this up within an hour just for them. I released it as a working resource pack since no other pink glass armor existed. Orcish Kabuto Helm - Modelled by Orcasm, I offered to help create the texture for this mod due to my love of oriental inspired mods. It reminds me in large part of the Morrowind Orcish Helm. The Witch King Sword - Adds a puzzle book that leads you to the hidden location of this cool sword. Based off the Witch King's sword feature in Lord of the Rings. (more details and links to the original threads can be found at my modding site: http://grimdeath9740.googlepages.com/home ) [b]3. How did you get into modding?[/b] I've always been interested in gaming, ever since I was little. A few years back a friend introduced me to Morrowind and ive been a TES addict ever since. My real life profession is as a digital imager for a photography studio, so I figured why not combine my two great interests. The result has been a vast array of texturing based projects and helping others whenever I can. [b]4. What is your favorite aspect of modding?[/b] My absolute favorite part of modding, besides coming up with the fun ideas, has to be the reactions from the community. Every mod I do gets influenced heavily by the people that will eventually use the mod, I just love hearing feedback and seeing the creative ways people put my mods to use. I usually accept projects that are of some person interest to me but I always make sure to consider if other will enjoy or use the mod as well. [b]5. What mods do you have planned for the future?[/b] I'm always getting invovled in more and more projects and here's a list of a few projects I am currently working on or have contributed to. Most should be released very soon. Kindred Armor - Based off the black armor featured in the first few minutes of the [i]Underworld: Evolution[/i] movie, it will feature a custom helm and chest peice made by Moving-Target. Rapiers, Swordbreakers, and More - Moving-Targets mod that will feature several cool weapons. I've completed the rapier texture for him. IFT (Improved Facial Textures) v2.0 - Most people are familiar with this mod. I approached Shadytradesman with a custom face texture made from a real persons image that replaces the cartoony vanilla oblivion faces with real skin texture. Tang Mo v3.0 - The next version of my mod will feature custom voicing for the playable characters (male and female) and spoken dialogue for the NPC, and will probably be the first mod to feature a npc that actually speaks Japanese with english subtitles included. It will tell a bit more about the Tang Mo lore but not break the true lore. Myths and Legends v2.0 - The upcoming version will feature new textures for existing weapons, completely new and unique weapons, totally revamped stories by Syko Fox, and even more exciting adventures on your way to your prize. Expect boss fights, story twists and things of that nature. MaL 2 is a whole new beast but you'll have to wait for it as Templargfx has taken a leave due to personal reasons. When he's back, MaL 2 will be completed ASAP. I have several ideas that I think would be really fun and interesting, and I would like to continue making a few other small tutorials similar to the one I've created called "Create Your Own Race" which can be [url="http://grimdeath9740.googlepages.com/tutorial%3Acreateyourownrace"]found here[/url]. Check back at [url="http://grimdeath9740.googlepages.com/home"]my modding page[/url] anytime to see a full list of my current and upcoming projects. Closing Notes: A special thanks to you Bloodreaver and TESFiles for the continued support of me and the rest of the community. Thanks and happy modding! [b]Thank you Grimdeath! Be sure to look at his modding site: http://grimdeath9740.googlepages.com/home [/b]

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