Interview with Sheogorath concerning his new mod 'Otherworld'

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I am happy to announce that Sheogorath (mad_griffin) is almost ready to release his latest mod, [i]Otherworld[/i]. When asked to write a general summary/description of his work, he wrote: [quote]You have the oppurtunity to look for great and rare treasures left behind by an ancient hero. Once you gather all of the artifacts in Cyrodiil, you are sent to Otherworld, a magical swamp and forest land destroyed by old wars. You arrive after the war has stopped and the only remain people there are being threatened by an ancient evil that is corrupting the land with destruction and his minions. It's up to you to solve the mysteries of this land and kill this evil beast.[/quote] Below is an exclusive interview with Sheogorath concerning his latest project. [b]Does this mod contain any new creatures or items?[/b] [i]This mod adds a large amount of new weapons, and it will have some new baddies for the player. Yes.[/i] [b]Since you're known for your scripting mods, does this mod contain any special new spells or scripts?[/b] [i]Yes, some of these weapons have nifty new enchantment effects to torture your enemy ;)[/i] [b]How long have you been working on this project?[/b] [i]Well, it was going to be a small weapons mod. But my voice actor and I decided to turn it into something much larger, I'm in the 2nd week of developement on 7/10/2008[/i] [b]So you have voice acting too?[/b] [i]Yup, NPCs gotta talk... kinda annoying to talk to a mute NPC[/i] [b]Is the mod Shivering Isles compatible?[/b] [i]Of course. I try to make my mods compatible with the everyday modder. Although it wouldn't hurt for you to pay $20 to come visit me in my realm ;)[/i] [b]How large is this other world, [i]Otherworld[/i]?[/b] [i]The other world is 1 quad, 4764 cells, it's composed of 6 regions. I think I remember that cyrodiil is 4 quads, so, 1/4th?[/i] [b]What kind of people will you find there?[/b] [i]Otherworld is an ancient land that was once war-torn. There were countless battles there between cities so the only people living are those who have survived, and they are of mixed races.[/i] [b]Will [i]Otherworld[/i] feature menu textures? For example, a world map and/or custom icons for the new items.[/b] [i]Yes, all new items have their own icons, and it'd be kind of lame of me to make a large world without a map, so yes to both questions.[/i] [b]Is there anything else you'd like to say about [i]Otherworld[/i] before I conclude the interview?[/b] [i]well the real uniqueness of this mod is it's lore basis.. It is PACKED with loose celtic themes. The Otherworld is a land from Irish mythology, and Lugh, the protagonist, was from irish mythology stories lol[/i] This amazing new mod should be here on the site within a month. Sheogorath says it could even be next week, but that's unlikely.

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