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A common issue I've had with many mods recently uploaded is this: the screenshots are NOT specified on the upload form, but instead are included in the zip file. There are two major problems with this: 1) I have to extract and upload them all myself 2) It makes the download bigger.

This is one of the most annoying mistakes a modder can make, and can result in lots of annoyed downloaders.

The second most common issue with screenshots is: terrible quality. Please don't take screenshots with your camera, it makes the screen blurry, discolored, and shifted. Instead, use the method described here.

I hope that clears up these common issues. If you've done either of these in the past, don't worry. It's not a very big deal, these are just some tips to increase downloads and make it a little easier for me to manage.

Thank you for reading, ---Super Llama

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