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Hello there,i am a bit of a novice modder and due to my lack of sufficient hardware on my laptop i have not yet created a mod for oblivion,however i would like some input and ideas for an improved soundtrack mod.I myself am not sure how to package such a mod and if copyrighted music would prevent me from being allowed to upload such a mod.I am open to any suggestions on musical content or help on packaging the files.I am looking for a more mainstream approach on songs,that still can be seen as a bit ancient or medieval and spooky such as remixing available Oblivion and Morrowind tracks or addition of say an acoustic version of Korns Twisted Transistor for dungeon themed music.One more thing i would like to know how i could possibly make soundtracks exclusively for certain bars or i guess 'taverns' in Oblivion or Morrowind.So any suggestions or help is very welcome I hope i can make a more musically enjoyable game thanks!


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