New Premium Plug-in: Mehrunes' Razor

17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Ready for more Oblivion content? Bethesda promises to deliver yet again. To go with their Horse Armor Pack ($1.99), the Orrery ($1.89), the Wizard's Tower ($1.89), and the Thieves Den ($1.89), we're about to get another new dungeon to explore, and for an increased price of $2.99 it promises to be more in-depth than the currently available premium content. This new plug-in, called [url="http://obliviondownloads.com/StoreCatalog_ProductList.aspx?SubCategoryId=1"]Mehrunes' Razor[/url], promises to be an intense gaming experience. Featuring its own, full-depth questline, it offers many new magical items to discover as well as one whopper of a prize for finishing the quest: The Mehrunes' Razor, a sword that even promises to kill your foes instantly. Sound enticing? You've only got to wait until Thursday before you can order this plug-in to add to your collection. For more information on the Mehrunes' Razor plug-in check out [url=http://obliviondownloads.com/]OblivionDownloads.com[/url], where you can find some more information on the quest itself as well as the bonuses you can receive for playing through it!

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