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15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Ok first of all I want to say sorry for all the trouble that me and my brother have put you through but everything is tip-top now, and all I need are some MOD-SQUAD members. Mod-Squad members will be able to upload files, Mods, movies, pictures, etc, as well as download them. You can work with the rest of the team eg.Community projects like big fancy cool Mods like the Kvatch Rebuilt or the Silgrad tower. I will teach beginners how to mod oblivion. You might say, "why would I need to know how to Mod oblivion when all these new games are coming out?" 1. its good practice if you want to become a game creator like I do. 2. Fallout and later bethesda games use the same format as the oblivion construction set, so you won't have to learn anything new to mod them. And you don't have to read, either. If you don't, I will be posting hands on video tutorials on the site. I have a feeling this site will grow with your support, and you know what that means. Oh and please register, thank you the site link is here: www.mod-squad.co.nr -Wesley (edited by Super Llama - I hope you don't mind me adding punctuation XD)

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