NG-Gamer Exclusive Bethesda Softworks Interview

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NG-Gamer: In what ways do you think the world of Oblivion is different and more unique than any other gameworld? Pete Hines:I think it’s just in the options the player has in the game and how you can craft your own story. We hear from so many people playing the game and they’re all doing different things. Some do nothing but explore different areas and dungeons, others have stuck to the main quest, or just do quests for the thieves guild, or mages guild, or whatever. The fact you can jump in and no matter what kind of things you want to do, you can spend hours and hours in the game doing just that if you want. People are really taken by that kind of freedom because it’s not really something a lot of games let you do.
For the full interview please go to this link Or the dutch version Thank you to NG-Gamer for giving us permission to share this interview.
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